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LEVEL ONE SELLER! YEAH!...Now how do I increase my Gallery images?

Boom. Thanks to my latest 5 star review (thanks dudes!) I got Level One today. Awwwesome. So how can I add more images to my gallery, which only allows 3 currently?

Thank you kindly!

Unfortunately you are unable to add more than 3 gallery images.

Best of luck!

There’s gotta be a way? Unless it’s only for a featured/top seller? Because I see lots of users with more than 3 images to show off their body of work.

Like this random user that was on the front home page.

Those are delivery images. In order to have images displayed you’ll have to enable the “Port Folio” feature.

Best of luck!

Oh I see! Mmmm…I can’t seem the button to enable that function?

Check this awesome article out!

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Hmmm seems like my Live Portfolio option is not highlighted, so I can’t click it. Any reason why? I’ve already had two costumers for it.

Some categories don’t support this feature. If you don’t have it either its a category not supported or it may be a bug.

If you suspect it’s a bug contact support.


thats great man…COngratulation up up you goooooooooo…to add more image go and edit your Gig navigate to the gallery you will see where to add or upload image to your Gig

Good luck .keep it up

Add PDFs as your sample :smiley:

@thecreativeguys Nice info Thanks.
you try PDF to add extra images.@yanosova