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Level one sellers please have a look!


You know guys, after achieving Level one I can see a lot of buyer request staying in my profile.
The problem is not that, the problem is it " I observers carefully 370+ request are not going to be vanish anymore"
That’s why It’s difficult to find the real/new/update buyer request for sending my offer. I feed so bad for them.
It’s may a bug. Are you also facing same problem like me?


Hello @rasheduzzaman57
Yes, I Also Faced this kind Of problem.


It would be helpful to have a button to click to sort them as new or old requests, or by number of offers they have received.

Or alternatively they could simply drop off the list when they get a certain number of offers.



From what I’ve noticed, the buyer request section shows all the active BRs from the last “n” number of days. n can be about 6 or 7 days I think (at least, that’s the case for me).

And when a fresh batch of BRs pop up the next day, the BRs from n+1 days ago get removed, and they get replaced by the latest BRs. So, basically, you might still see almost the same number of BRs… but the oldest visible BRs are constantly getting replaced by the latest ones on a daily basis. I hope you understand lol.


I have noticed the newest BRs are always at the top of the list. Also, I like my BR page to be uncluttered, so I delete the older ones daily.