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LEVEL ONE, Whoot Whoot!

So. I made Level One yesterday and am ecstatic beyond words. Things were going pretty slow since the time I really focused on Fiverr, around late February, with an order only every 3-4 days or so. Just Monday night, I’d said “Eff Fiverr!” But then Tuesday evening, I got TWO sales. Wednesday morning, I woke up to TWO more and Wednesday night, I got another; FIVE sales within 24 hrs. Whoa. So, when I delivered the 4th order yesterday evening, I got the Level One pop-up! Now everybody on my facebook and twitter know, lmao

So, if there are any brand New Sellers reading this and you’re frustrated, please HANG IN THERE! It WILL happen for you. And I’ll also offer you this one piece of advice, since the Forum is already overrun with tips: Find a niche, if you can. Out of the 7 or so gigs I have, my ‘Funny Voices’ gig is my best seller by far. Why? Because not as many people - not as many females - are offering that, so that narrows my competition substantially. So if you can find a narrower market or some way to make your gig a little different than everyone else’s, that helps. In fact, now that I’ve been allotted more gig slots, I think I’ll make another one with a smaller field…Stay tuned to the Fiverr Gigs forum because I’ll post it there when I do! :smiley:

Good Luck to all, new and veteran!


Congratulations, I wish it only goes up for you from here!

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Congrats Tee! :tada: You should be proud of your accomplishment.
It’s ok to be a little giddy with excitement. :wink:



Great! You´ll be at lv2 in a jiffy. :fireworks:

Alright! That’s great!..I found myself thinking about Level Two this morning, but then I told myself to hush up and just enjoy the first hurdle for a little bit, ha-ha.

Oh, enjoy, but use the momentum, or ride the wave, and keep going. :surfer:

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Congratulations mam.