LEVEL Problem, please Help me!


I had completed 7 order. If i Complete 10 order in 15 January.
Can i get LEVEL-1 Batch ?


You will have to spend 60 days as a active seller to become level one seller. Only 10 orders complete is not enough I afraid. Thanks


Before 15 yes, after 15 no.


Thanks for your Information.


There’s still a requirement for 30 days on the site, which it looks as if you won’t have achieved by the 15th I’m afraid?

After the 15th it changes to 60 days. :sunny:


Thanks all for information.


you need to fill all requirements, then fiverr update your level


Okay…Thank you for help


Please read out the TOS, you will need it in your fiverr journey


hey bro you need to complete all the requirements written on this page and then fiverr will upgrade you level. thanks


What about the earnings? Do you really need to make $400? will the number get higher after 15th?


At the moment there isn’t a minimum amount, but it is $400 after 15th January.


Ok, I understand it now. Thanks!


Thank you for your help