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Level requirement fullfiled, but still not leveled up


Hello all, I have been anticipating the day I got leveled up, and I have been working hard the past month, now all the requirements for leveling up has been fulfilled according to this page: and to my surprised I’m still not leveled… as this is my first level, I really don’t know if I have missed anything, I have over delivered on all my orders, and my completed gigs are 11 as of right now, if counting all the deliveries I have almost 20, I never had a single negative review or cancelation, all the customers are happy, and it said my gig are 1 month old, I just don’t know why I’m still not leveled, can anyone tell me if there’s anything I have missed? should I contact support about this? Thanks in advanced.


waited for a week still the same… its really frustrating, especially the part where I don’t know whether I’ll even get it or not, as it was on the paper that said the process is automated, and yet when all requirements are met I don’t get what was promised, it feels like I’ve been scammed.


Give it a couple of days.

If no change, contact customer service.


thank you for the response, will definitely wait for a few days and give my update back on this forum!


I am facing the same problem. Was your problem resolved? If yes, please guide me.


This is a 6 year old post!

If you want help just create your own new topic and ask your question.


Saw that, still went ahead and asked here because if he/she replies that will be an accurate answer coming from someone who has had the exact same experience. Anyway, thanks for your advice; awaiting people at Fiverr support to respond :slight_smile:


It’s a good one…


Nobody from Fiverr will respond - there’s only us buyers and sellers.

The level requirements have changed a great deal since this thread was started. Apart from anything else, levels are now only changed once a month on the 14th/15th.

If you’ve got a specific query about something on your analytics you could open a new thread.


@merciavideo Thanks, this helps :slight_smile: