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Level seller problem


According to Fever’s rules I finished 10 orders on the last 12-01-2014.
But my level has not been updated yet.


Think you might have date wrong?

I’d get rid of the animated PNGs if I were you or you may not have a level at all! :wink:

Really serious about the PNGs - they can bring on seizures in epilepsy sufferers.


I use animated PNG my gig
its any problem??


Yes - they’re not allowed.


If I now delete my png pic, then I can be level 1seller
Please help me ??


No idea - if you complete your 10 orders plus all the other criteria, then I’d imagine you’d be promoted - if not, please ask CS.

Your account is at risk completely if they see your animated PNGs.


Customer Support clearly told me animated PNGs or GIFs are against the rules, and should not be used in your profile pic, and neither in your gig images.

If the Fiverr Editorial team sees your flashy profile / gig images, they will probably disable your account, and then there’s no more level to worry about as you could lose everything Fiverr-related :wink:

Now please kindly go and remove all animated images from your profile / gigs if you don’t want to get into trouble with Fiverr :sunny:


i already deleted all png of my gig.
now what can i do for level problem solved??


It’s only for Animated PNGs and GIFs, right? Not for PNG images, right? Never heard of such thing.


Only animated images are forbidden (animated png, gif and any other animated image format). Fiverr requires you to publish a video if you need animated presentations.


i already deleted all png of my gig.
now what can i do for level problem solved??


Ask Customer Support. No one here can assist you with leveling.


thanks for your advice