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Level system of fiverr


I am level one seller. But now My cancellation rate is below 90%. Next evaluation is 15 January. If I failed to recover cancellation rate When I’ll get my position 1. After recovering the cancellation rate or
2. after next evaluation.


If you are able to meet the 90% make before evaluation, you will not be stripped of your badge.
If not, then you will be stripped of it and then receive it back after the evaluation.


This can be 30days after you have reached the 90% mark again


you’ll loose your level at 15th. If you’re below to their guideline. No one knows what the next evaluation date after 15th… Hope that will be 15th March! :smile: Meanwhile enjoy bBB :slight_smile:


Do I need it before 15 or within 15?


you will be lose your level.if you are below the guidelines provided by the fiver.


You need it before 15