Level Systems Update: What Fiverr Sellers Need to Know


Going to start this thread as the “official” Fiverr FAQ for the new Level System announcement.

If you haven’t already, please check out this blog post outlining the changes coming in January. There are a few of us from Fiverr who will monitor this thread and will answer questions (that we can) that are not covered in the Blog post & video.


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I think this will be an interesting change. I like that it forces us to be held accountable past the first time we earn a rank. I also like the definite steps to Top Seller. I wonder how many people will lose or gain levels in the next few months


Great! awesome to read that current rankings wont be affected by the new updated system.All will be well if us sellers do what we do best and continue day to day work as we did before!Nice to be here since 2013 and looking forward to the new system and the first review on january 15th !! :smiley:


Great! awesome.image


Hey @mjensen415, I only have two questions:

  1. seeing that every level requires 90% completion rate, if a TRS drops below that will they be demoted to no level at all?

  2. why is the completion rate taking into account mistake orders, chargebacks, orders from troublesome buyers who demand more work or something entirely different that the seller can’t provide, and so on?

Surely it cannot be fair to be demoted because of all those situations where the seller has absolutely no control over :confused:

I mean, it’s not like it’s the seller’s fault when a buyer makes a mistake order, or tries to get away with free work or more work than advertised for the same money… What if competitors buy “by mistake” other peoples’ gigs just to demote them? :frowning:


Agree with Woofy31.Im kind of in the same situation on the aspect of the new system.but clearly,cant guess or think of anything yet… :thinking:


I mean,most of the sellers seem to be okay with typical rankings on response time and all.but the completion rate is something that’s kind of has lots of inputs from buyers side and needs a lot of push from sellers too.its too complicated to be biased i think??

Just thinking out loud… :grinning::thinking:


What would happen if competitors wants to ruin us? They order and cancel, or they order and make 1 star review. So how we are supposed to go against that?

Sorry Woofy, just read what you said at end…


We have done analysis on how many users will go up and down a level and these new “metrics” for levels reflect the best outcome. Yes, some users are going to go down a level. Some will go up.

Remember that these metrics are for the last 60 days. So since we’re not implementing the new level system in 60 days, all sellers have time to improve their stats.


It makes sense. The system will improve on the “average seller”. I imagine the goal specifically with cancellation rate and communication rate is to make the average buyer-seller interaction more positive, and more positive gig purchases as a result.

Overall I imagine this will help the selling community, by improving the expectations that buyers might have, encouraging them to keep using Fiverr.

It does seem decidedly pro-buyer though. Like @Woofy31 mentioned, 10% margin is pretty slim considering the amount of bad buyers we might get. Sellers who complete orders are prioritized over sellers who are selective with their buyers.


does that mean that the old system is still in function for the next 60 days?? also what happens if I get all the requirements for level 2 but not the 2000$ in ernings one??


Yes, overall this changes the numbers of sellers in each category to better reflect a normal level progression system.


Yes. The current system will stay in place for the next 60 days. No changes until January 15th.

If you are a Level 1 seller and don’t “hit” all the metrics for the next level, nothing happens. You remain at Level 1.


thank a lot for fiverr authority.
really great full thanks.


my orders are in continue , if i got level 2 seller before 15th of January then is it affected by the new policy?
mean after level 2, what happen if my sale is not $2000?


if some one didnt manage to be make sales mentioned for levels so can get demotion i guess its so much difficult and hard thing and other question is now anyone can get top rate who meet the requirements?


Hey @mjensen415 ,

Does fiverr have any eye on the most critical issue of almost each and every single seller on fiverr? And moreover the fiverr is again and again making it more critical for the seller to survive in this situation . Like , let me explain it :

1-First Order completion rate is added and told that it has no effect and just added for your own guidance.

2- Then order completion rate started effects the gig placing in fiverr search results. (That thing opened a new world for the buyers and thousands of buyers now blackmail most of sellers and if any buyer go to resolution seller , fiverr suddenly cancel the order without giving any type of concentration to seller )

My gig remains at top of the line but 4 days ago and buyer came purchased my gig then ask me can you do it which is not in the scope of my gig and when i replied this is not in my scope just opened a dispute and and i agreed that becasue i know i had to otherwise CS will cancel it , what was my fault ? and my gig goes to the third page and still there .

3- Now a new era is opened with order completion rate . I don’t know what fiverr is doing . At one place fiverr is claiming that he is growing and on other side fiverr is not putting any attention to ONE MAIN CRITICAL ISSUE OF ALL SELLERS NOT JUST ONE , IT IS REALLY A ISSUE OF EACH AND EVERY SELLER ON FIVERR.

I think now there is really a need to explain fiverr about the terms that what is charge back , and how buyer mistakenly purchase the gig and then how buyer got free work here on fiverr , how buyer blackmail the sellers and these all things are just opened by the fiverr policies .

If the seller is not able to survive then the how the fiverr will survive ?

@mjensen415 I have one single solution for this just one single solution for all these problem , if you can convey it to the concerned person ?


It has to be at least a 90% completion rate as anything below that is too many cancellations.


@misscrystal I have only one order cancelled of $10 while my all other order are usually above $200 but at now my order completion rate is 87% .