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Level two seller, great stats suddenly banished to last pages of any search

I too have fallen foul of this. After a couple of times of my gigs having completely disappeared from the searches, And after i raised a ticket they eventually done something that made my gigs reappear in the searches, no explanation or apology was ever given…Now this i feel is really bad as shows complete disregard for customer service which we pay 20% of all gigs tips etc to Fiverr so a lot more consideration should be given.

NOW as I am in my section amongst sellers with a great amount of sales and all my stats are great, (great rating, great response time, great completions etc) I always appeared in the first page of searches (it did vary the position in the first page as there is an algorithm and no guarantee where your gig appears) but one assumes the algorithm takes into consideration all stats sales etc as to placement thus me always appearing on that first page…SUDDENLY ALL of my gigs now appear on any search on the very last page and to add to insult close to the very bottom of the same…

Now nothing changed my stats are the same still level 2 seller with a 5* rating and 100% on most stats and one stat 97% …I raised a ticket and at first I was given the run around that they cannot do anything as is an algorithm that decides the gig position…I reiterated what i said above here and I was told they would look into it it has been now more than 8 days and nothing happened, I have now also written to Fiverr CEO and I am awaiting to see if at least the CEO cares…AS the result on being on the last page is sales have now completely stopped (as no one can or will see my gigs) I am amongst people with no sales poor stats etc …how is that fair…

Took me years to get where I was and now i am excommunicated, and I feel they don’t care about me or even customers as I do provide a service which customers were happy with giving great experience to buyers also over the years made contribution (20%) to Fiverr of over 2K yet nothing appears to matter …I dunno what to do to get the help I deserve…Truly hope someone high enough reads this and sees how unfairly treated I am and help


Sadly same thing here. I’ve been having consistent orders and buyer’s messages, also level 2 seller with with a bunch of great reviews and suddenly it all stopped. Within 2 weeks I have only completed orders and conversations that I started earlier, but nothing new whatsoever. What’s more disturbing is that the impressions and clicks stats are offline due to a technical issue and there’s no way even to say if anyone sees my gigs (I suspect they don’t, otherwise I’d have at least some messages).
I’ve been dropped out of search before, but this time I can see I’m still there, but apparently down at the bottom where nobody every looks. Weird

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I feel its a glitch or algorithm settings which would still bring you back to the top soon.

Dont gorget the inflow of new sellers due to Covid 19, I feel fiverr is trying to give everyone an equal opportunity irrespective of when you joined.

Many people start their freelancing services on Fiverr because IT IS indeed free.

Free as you can post your gig without paying anything, and get potential buyers.

Fiverr is actually insanely expensive if you calculate each sale. (Buyer and seller wise)

That’s why people start here and move to the competition after some time.

Fiverr is pretty much like PayPal - Buyer wants, buyer gets.

I don’t see a future for myself as a seller here, though, doesn’t mean i can’t get some extra bucks by selling.

If you’re incredibly experienced in your field, would be easy to make more money on other platforms that actually CARE and respect their seller.

Fiverr rotates their 1st page gigs from time to time. Don’t worry about it, you should keep delivering high quality work and go back to the first pages.

You should also work on your outside lead generation systems. The best advice is to not rely on a single source for your marketing.

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I’d suggest the opposite is true.

Fiverr provides a stable and mature platform on which freelancers can advertise their services to potential buyers and therefore potentially earn a living.

The 20% fee pays for so much from the upkeep of the servers, to the skilled coders and customer support staff, and of course company profits. But I’m fine with all that. It’s business.

Besides, as informed sellers we’ll have done our research and be aware of the fees before committing our time and efforts to the platform. We make an informed decision.

As sellers we should set our rates to take account of the fees. That strikes me as sensible.

There are 100s of thousands of sellers on Fiverr. Common sense says only a minority are going to show up high in the search results. But if you build a mature business then you ride the highs with the lows. I have repeat customers who come direct to me - ensuring that I’m rarely without orders.


Is fine to give anyone a chance …but not on an equal level as I have been here for over 7 years I too started with nothing and had to build my way up via strong stats (meaning responding fast, ace work etc etc) why should I after 7 years of building my stats and presence be treated the same as a new person.

It is just not fair and I am being ignored I have now two open tickets …one not been responded by over 10 days now I feel completely forgotten ignored, and the other one just a scripted answer which clearly shows member didn’t even read the complaint…I am not just a number I pay 20% of my income on Fiverr, surely i should have some rights…i which there was an independent body one could complain as I am paying for a service that I am not getting …MY INCOME NOW IS $0.00


Can’t dliver high quality works when no work is coming through…right???

Who is here complaining about the fees??? My complain is that I am paying 20% (fine) but that makes me a customer I am paying for a service, all you stated is part of the service including their profit…but is also part of the service to service properly an account (seller) as is thanks to us that Fiverr makes money and gets great reputation…I mean I am 100% across all stats lot’s of sales and 5 * rating also been with fiverr over 7 years If i didn’t earn my place on the first page which i have been there for ages who does??? people that made no sales? that have less than perfect rating …etc…I don’t get your reply.

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Sorry to hear that It is not fair and all we can do is raise a ticket complain maybe they listen in the end …But thus far I am extremely disappointed with the service which we pay 20% for (as part) Also another thing I find unfair is the charges of the same amount on the tips…tips are a personal thing a thank you for a job well done PERSONAL Fiverr should not take 20% on our side or anything on tipper side…I can just imagine a restaurant or other place taking a cut of your tips…Anyway that’s another story.

These are my stats (mobile screen grab)

More info about fees:

I’ve also got the same problem, and I feel like I’m going backwards in the search. Sadly, there is nothing I can do except for waiting for more buyers, and updating my gigs.

You do have rights… rights according to the Terms of Service. Nowhere in that TOS does Fiverr guarantee any seller that their gigs will show up where the seller wants them to in the search results. The algorithm determines placement based upon a great many factors – that we will likely never know. Fiverr gives you a place to host your gigs, and in in return, you share 20% of your revenue from every sale. This is an alternative to you creating your own website, and hosting your services independently. Fiverr does not provide guaranteed marketing or promotional services. Those are still things you, as the seller, are responsible for.

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Hi there insects44 this post is not about fees, is about customer service, is about building one up to first page and suddenly being shoved to last page and no longer being visible and getting any work…primarily…Fees are only mentioned as one pays for the service and it ain’t no service if with perfect stats one looses their income as to being allocated to last page and becoming virtually invisible.

I know its not about fees, but I saw this:

And I decided to share my topic.

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Yes and if you read all i posted and my image of stats you see I done all that is possible to be on page one (which I have been for many years) yet my stats are unchanged as far as i know algorithm has not changed by my search position has changed from 1st page to last page surely that ain’t right.

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Perhaps you need to re-read what I wrote. No seller is entitled to be on page one of the search results – no matter how worthy they may think they are. This is a competitive site. If you’re here, you’re willing to compete. That’s how a capitalist market works. Be better than your competition. No seller is entitled to anything just because they want it, or think that it must be given to them.


I did read, I understand about competition thus my perfect stats and sales…i disagree that no one deserves to be on page on…as a capitalist society if one works hard and has perfect stats deserves to be there and I was for many years …otherwise is communism not capitalism…

Personally, I think going from the first page to the last page is not what it’s supposed to be. I would agree if he went like 1-2 pages backward, but he went straight at the very last place like if he has dead, old gigs. I agree with @ricardoc