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Level two seller, great stats suddenly banished to last pages of any search

Personally, I think going from the first page to the last page is not what it’s supposed to be. I would agree if he went like 1-2 pages backward, but he went straight at the very last place like if he has dead, old gigs. I agree with @ricardoc


And I too agree with you …capitalism if one works hard and builds one self up and gradually goes up the search up to getting to page one that is capitalism hard work good stats good rewards…if one ignores all achievements and anyone can be anywhere that is more like communism …as simple as

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Fair enough and i participated in the vote…cheers!

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Thx! It’s a really old topic, but…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Fiverr is not a communism-based site, just because you demand to be on page one of the search results, and the algorithm has entered you into standard rotation. I’ve been here on Fiverr longer than you, and I’ve seen my gigs rotated to the last page, and eventually rotated back closer to the front many times. It’s how the search algorithm works. You are not entitled to be on the first page just because you want to be there. You are competing in the search results, and you won’t always be at the top. Be a great seller, who understands the value of taking responsibility for your own marketing and promotion. It is unwise to expect Fiverr to provide what they do not guarantee within their TOS.

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There is no reason to complain, since noone can do anything about it. Just try to do your best ( as you seem to do) and that is pretty much it…

I am not saying I should be there because I want but because I deserve it as i worked very hard to be there and as you state having been there for longer you too should appreciate that …this is one of my means of income and to be turned off is not good…I understand you don’t want to see that so I will no longer be replying to your comments…but thanks for your contributions you are entitled to your opinion of course…take care

As I stated – and Fiverr will likely tell you as well – no seller deserves to be at the top of the search results. You’re not working your way up any ladder here on Fiverr – you’re providing a service to those who need that service, and you are mixed around in the search results according to a wide variety of factors that are equally applied to everyone. Fiverr does not guarantee that any seller’s gigs will show up where the seller wants them to show up in the marketplace. That’s not how Fiverr works.

Nothing has been “turned off”. Your gigs are still active in the search results, and anyone can find them (or be sent to them, via your own marketing) directly, or on your profile page.

You started this post in the Ranting Pot, and by doing so, you are welcoming comments from anyone. It is your choice to ignor me, but it is my choice to respond – and I am allowed to do so, just as anyone else can do the same. Ignoring me does not magically make you right and me wrong. It would be wise to listen and learn from those who have been around longer than you, and have learned to work with, and overcome that which you are complaining about.

Wisdom is only valuable if you are willing to listen and learn.


this happened to me as well. i dont know why. no oders since then.

Same here. Over 2540 5-star rating, with a great service record of 7 years, with over 1000 clients, many are returning, and all my Gigs are somewhere in the void for no reason. Right now it seems Fiverr’s new algorithm is favoring only a certain group of people and their Gigs. And these people are the ones who claim on the Forum; “Nothing to see here, move along, everything is fine.”. Rotating Gigs is one thing, but when you experience a 50%+ fall in the activity and income, you definitely know something else is going on here, then simple Gig rotation.

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I really don’t understand these Why Me posts.
There’s such a limited number of spaces on page one, so many sellers. The system simply has to allow a variety of levels to be represented in search results. There’s 4 levels and Pro to accommodate so that limits the number of places further.

Now, to people saying their stats are perfect - really? Do you think those stats are not the same for about 80% of sellers 90% of the time? Those stats that define your level are so completely basic that I would be amazed if they have a major impact unless they are really far down. There are other things that a business would count so much more if looking at profit maximization such as Average Gig Price. A lot of the sellers complaining have very low prices. Fiverr is Fiverr in name only now, it likely wants gigs that are higher priced because the margin is significantly higher for those. Experiment with higher price points.

I lost my rankings in January last year - I did have a couple of issues and stuff so maybe it was deserved but even if it hadn’t been, my reaction wouldn’t be to suddenly complain about how awful Fiverr is, that they don’t care about poor little me, that their fees entitle me to some special treatment (as if nobody else pays the fees). Fiverr gets paid when you do so they owe you nothing. You get an order, they get paid, you don’t, they don’t. Your history of sales really doesn’t count for any special treatment.

This is business not kindergarden - if you want sales/success you need to make it happen yourself and count yourself lucky when good ranking happens and results in good times. In those times, ensure you cross-sell, offer additional services, have services that will get your clients coming back as regulars so that, when the algorithm changes again, you will still have a flow of orders.


mine dropped 100% so no more sales …you know what I don’t care anymore as they will not listen…My best option is to create my own website, and start afresh …less costs in the end and I manage my own things. Is not a great business model if it alienates good sellers in favour of rotation etc…good luck to all that agree and my sympathy to the ones that have been impacted.

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I made this topic just for people like you! I hope it helps! Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem SOLUTION!

yes it’s the same here … I don’t know what’s wrong lately with Fiverr

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Conspiracy theories:

  1. too many new sellers that fiverr has to give a “boost” now.
  2. They are testing new “paid promotion” algorithm.
    If a lot of established sellers are moved to last pages for a longer time they will be more encouraged to pay for a “promotion” to get their sales back.

Of course those are just pure speculation.
I’m in the same boat right now and my gigs are on the last page for 3 months already. I get gigs rotation but it’s a bit too much.
I have other streams of income but it would be nicer to have also fiverr at normal level of profit again.


Now they do not appear in the search 21 pages + Fiverr stated gigs are active and showed me “proof” screen grab of them appearing in the search, but is not true as I once again went over the 21 pages of results with a fine tooth comb and nothing my gigs are not there so my income is now dead.

Your gigs show up.
Search your gig title and rather than going through all results, select the Level Filter to Level 2. You are in those results.


same here, did you find any solution to your problem? all of my gigs are dead all of a sudden.
Kindly help

Hello thank you for raising this topic, Even i am facing the same after completion very nice projects all most 50 above and with nice score, five star reviews and great comments. No order from long time and really feeling sad. searching the right path to follow,