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Level Two Seller - No New Gig Impression - Test Scores Not Showing on Profile

Hi There!

It’s been around 1 and a half months - I am not having any sort of new impressions on my gigs! Also, I have recently passed the Microsolf Excel and Content Writing tests, but the scores are not showing on my profile as well.

I went through a lot of other similar inquiries regarding this issue in this forum, but the answers couldn’t satisfy me as the problems didn’t get resolved yet. Therefore, I am bringing my thoughts here for your attention.

It might be a Bug that’s creating the problem, but I am not sure. I hope that I would be able to have a solution to my issues here!!

Look forward to hearing your solutions soon as possible!

Thanks for your attention,

  1. For the impressions of your gig, you might want to check if your gig appear on the search result or not.
    Sometimes, after you do editing or publishing a new gig, it won’t appear on the search result waiting for the review from fiverr team

  2. About the tests, if the score didn’t appear, it might be a Bug.
    Please contact cs support at to ask for a help

Hopefully this help you to solve the problem

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Hi Gunawanguan,

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

I have sent an email today per your given instructions. Now, awaiting a response from the Fiverr Support Team. I will update you soon I get to hear back from them.

Hope this gets resolved soon through swift assistance from the Fiverr Support Team!

Thank you once again!

You’re welcome.
Should you encounter another problem just look for the answer here.
There is a lot of great people here ready to help you.

Best Regards,

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Surely! I would definitely keep sharing my issues whenever I get to face them!

To be honest, I never thought that I will have such a quick response here!! I am so glad that it happened.

Now, hopefully, I get to have a quick solution to this!

Thank you!

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