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Level Two - Wow that seemed fast!


I can’t believe I made level two already! Just over two month on Fiverr, I love it!

I love that I have repeat customers now as well, Fiverr users are great!

Hard to believe I’ve done little to no advertising outside of just posting my gigs, chatting with people here on the forums and posting to my own facebook account. That’s all - can’t image what would happen if I actually started marketing!


With sales like that, you’ll probably be a top-rated seller in no time!


Congrats =D>


Reply to @freelancemm: Thank you!!! Now I just have to keep up with all the orders!

I’ve been monitoring my turn around time and making it longer or shorter depending on how many orders I have in the queue and that seems to help a lot with my time management LOL


Very impressive! Keep it up!


Reply to @thuyta: Thanks!


So I’m not sure why on the forums it still shows my level one badge, on my fiverr profile i have the level 2 badge, weird. Guess it needs time to catch up?


wow… congrats :smiley: wish you good luck :smiley:


Congrats @deannabalestra! When we got our level two, the forums took about a week or so to update our status, but it will come!

Keep up the great work!




@deannabalestra: No problem, :). I try to keep my turnaround time steady as I figure previous people that ordered before that come back would hope to expect the same speedy delivery, but yeah. It’s obviously better to increase the time of delivery if you feel the quality of what you deliver will drop or you just can’t get it in on time! I am always worried if I change delivery time it may effect my gig findability! I am curious how you get so many orders! In fact, if you made a gig for advice like that, I would probably order it :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancemm: Honestly I have no idea I’m not doing any advertizing at all LOL - if I ever start advertising I might really get overwhelmed in work! Ha!

I change my turn around time all the time and it has not had any impact on my orders at all. I have also changed my prices and number of words per gig. I always offer my original prices and turn around time to past clients if they ask me for it :slight_smile:


Reply to @deannabalestra: Ha, that’s weird. I thought maybe you did or something. When I search around and try to find your gig I can’t, even on the specific keywords. It’s all confusing to me! Ah well, with the orders I have now I still got a bunch to do!


Great job, from my prior experience keep away from cancelled orders :wink: btw I lost my levels 2 times :slight_smile:


Reply to @milos357: I figure it will happen to me someday LOL but I will do my best!


Reply to @freelancemm: the search feature on Fiverr is often wonky - it seems to work some days and not others - really odd!