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I found Fiverr on accident a few months ago when I was looking for a way to get some experience (and possibly a bit of cash) as a video editor. I was skeptical at first, but found out that some major magazines had reviewed it and said its not a way you should pay your mortgage but its excellent for extra cash, so that made me trust enough to give it a whirl.

Well, I must say, I’ve become a fan, and a level one seller. My question is this: Level one just requires 10 sales with a positive review and a member for a certain amount of time. Level two requires the same basics, but it also includes a time requirement; 50 sales in 2 months if I remember correctly. Now, say I had three consecutive great months, selling 30-40 gigs every month and far surpassing my 50 gig/2 month prerequisite for level two…and then something bizarre happens and I only have 20 sales total for the next four months. Would I get demoted to level one for not hitting the requirement, or am I a level two seller once I hit the goal, end of story?


Cyreous Media


As far as Level 2 is concerned, I think they will continue you to be a Level 2, unless you have a big hiccup like getting less than 95% ratings. In that case too, they I think take some gig extra privileges from you, but don’t demote you. I know couple of sellers who are not performing well in Level 2, but are there for a long time…

So, once you are here, you are safe I reckon, at least I hope so (for me too).


Thank you much.

-Cyreous Media



Keep your great 100% rating and your excellent response time and you’ll make it soon. :slight_smile: