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Level Two

I have created more than 200 orders and have been on fiverr for more than two months, actually about 65 days. My rating is 98% but I’m still level one, someone please explain…

I have made the corrections, what do I do now…?

Three of your gigs are quite similar so that also might be the issue.

I am a level one seller and I recently have been wondering about what the criteria has to be to be a level 2 seller. I even contacted fiverr support, and unfortunately things are still unclear somewhat. I have even taken to the forum. I asked on the forum if all of the gig pictures have to be the same and I have been told by multiple top rated sellers that the gig pics absolutely do not need to be the same. Now I don’t know what is true and what isn’t , I’m just saying multiple top rated sellers told me that fiverr may actually start to deny your gigs if they are all the same image.

I even asked support but they overlooked that question. However, it does not say anywhere on fiverrs criteria page that the gig pics have to be the same. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even state that the you can’t use stock images. Fiverr has a page telling you what you need to be able to level up to a level two seller. No where on there does it say that you cannot use stock images(royalty free images,) it doesn’t say your images have to be the same, or anything like that for that matter. I’m just confused because I would think they would have all of that on that page. When I contacted support all they told me was that as long as you have 50 ratings in your account within 2 consecutive months, it doesn’t have to be the first 2 months. All of my other questions, (like the ones mentioned above), were answered by telling me to click on the link sending me to fiverrs criteria page to level up, where none of this was stated.

So does that mean that that’s not the criteria? Or what?
Because I have sellers telling me all of this stuff that is not on the actual fiverr page telling you what you can and cant do to level up.
I also have level 2 and top rated sellers telling me different things.
Where are you guys getting this information from?
I’m honestly asking because if it’s not on that page where else are you looking to know all of this?
I’m just confused as all heck now.

Reply to @dianathenerd: congrats! Noticed you’re a level 2 seller now :slight_smile: