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LEVEL UP for the WIN!

Create gigs that can level up to the five star rating sellers. They have five stars for one reason only, their service is EXCELLENT. In order to earn and be able to compete along side other sellers in the Fiverr community, you must ensure that you offer quality service. Don’t try to cheat your customers because you will want them to return and also recommend you to others. Your gig may not sell immediately or as soon as you expect it to, but do not get discourage. Continue to promote your gig, learn as much more as you can about your service and learn ways you can improve your gig and it’s content. As i’m always reminded and so I shall remind you too… Coco Cola sold only 25 bottles within it’s first year and now, their company is worth billions because they decided not to give up. #Goodluckeveryone


Hi there @cristallina, don’t know what time it is in you’re country, but here in A’dam, it is morning, and a very early morning indeed :joy::rofl::sweat_smile: Didn’t know …

Hmmm, nothing is impossible, If Coca Cola can do IT so do WE! Let us get our businesses rolling!! :rofl::joy:

Maybe it was better if you just used a slightly smaller Business to start with, and work our way up to Coca Cola :rofl::sweat_smile::joy: Still, I enjoyed your encouraging words and thank you for sharing.

I have a DREAM… that one day our children’s children… will prevail,

Coca Cola here comes the next generation!! :rofl:

As for me, I’m afraid it is to LATE!! Today I’m 103 years old, BOLD, GREY, CRIPPLED and still, no Coca Cola to be found, DANG!!! I might take a Coke Bottle to my grave though!!! :rofl::joy:

To our success, drinks are on me (25 Coca Cola bottles!) :rofl:

Warmly, Humberto


Ha! I adore your sense of humor… it’s never, ever too late. #Seethebiggerpicture #Haveasuperday #Setgoalsandcrushthem #Itsbedtimeforme


Great post. Really motivating

Hahaha so true man:joy::rofl::rofl: But @cristallina does give good advice may we all have success:clap::pray:

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Cheers @cristallina, glad someone likes my humor, you must be the first!! :sweat_smile::upside_down_face: Have a wonderful day. Warmly, Humberto

Yeah, let us all pray on this extremely long and difficult road ahead!! It is almost as if is ‘‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 1000’’ when is this new video coming out I wonder, year 3000 maybe? Hmmm, by that time some Alien invasion has taken place and discovered my bones with a cola bottle in my hands, wondering, what happen to this guy???:rofl::joy:

God bless us all :pray:

Warmly Humberto


Great words from a great person


:+1::+1:great idea for newbies

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Good thoughts gonna help to build career

Please how do you promote your gigs?

Great post. Really motivating

This is really movitating. Thank you, guys.

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most helpful for us.

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great information for me

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Great tips and we inspire in your comments …


Hahahahhahahahaha. It ain’t easy staying patient and waiting, but in the end, we all will be alright.