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Level up issue. help please

I texted to CS:

Hello there,
I’m new on Fiverr.
Today is my 31st day on this site.
I already completed 19 orders, and 2 orders are in active order section.
According to level promotion rules, I meet all criteria to complete my level up. I should be a level one seller now. But I didn’t get any message and I’m still without level :frowning:

CS replied:
Hi Nayeem,

Thanks for contacting us. Our automated system continuously monitors sellers’ activities and performance to assess the appropriate Levels badge. The system had detected some activities that caused you to become ineligible for a Levels badge. As you continue to sell on Fiverr, without any further violations of our Terms of Service, excessive order cancellations, or late deliveries, your account may hopefully become eligible again in the future.

what is the meaning of all these? please hep me to understand.
Note: I’ve zero canceled, 16 5*, 1 4.5*, 2 no review completed orders and 2 in delivered

@emmaki @gina_riley2 @djgodknows @offlinehelpers, maybe, you guys can help me to figure out the problem.

Do you often deliver late?

If not, and since you say that you have zero cancellations, you might have violated the Terms of Service (for example, attempted to exchange personal contact information).


Nope, no late delivery.
and no contact info either except TeamViewer partner id & pass

Along with what @catwriter had to say, you may have entered information into your profile and/or gig description in the beginning, which might not have been allowed as per TOS.

Write back to CS politely, reminding them of your current record and etc.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Exactly what @catwriter said - CS will send an email when they’re happy - hope it comes soon for you!

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I shared no contact info except TeamViewer partner id & pass :frowning:

I wasn’t talking about contact info, there are many other elements that can easily violate the TOS.

Just get in touch with them and be patient for response.

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Okay. Thanks.
Waiting for reply of CS

If I knew the reason, that way I can stay safe to make them happy. But if I’m unaware of my mistakes, Keep doing my work in same way, I’ll never make them happy. So I need to know the specific reason. They should state violated issues clearly :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Just in case: have you read the Terms of Service thoroughly?

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Thanks. I read ToS in my very first day. And because of that, I didn’t face gig pending/decline/verification etc issues. I’m​ using Fiverr without any problems untill now :no_mouth:

I just check out your profile and gigs. I did NOT see anything out of the norm.

Since you indicated you did not share any contact information, only other thing is perhaps you used a “flagged” word such as pay?

You could have used it innocently but the system still could have flagged it.

It doesn’t seem like you have any disgruntled client that might have complained either. Has anyone been particularly difficult that didn’t leave a review?

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I see.
One of my clients asked,how much he should pay me, because I gave him my service before ordering my gig via TeamViewer.
Then I typed pay and got a red signal, so I used underscore after p, like this p_ay.

And about report.
Someone send me a 200 lines text and some few links, so I reported and blocked that user.

Now I’m thinking, I messed up those 2 time :frowning:

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Many newbies make a few mistakes. You didn’t blatently violate anything major because you took the time to read the TOS - which is refreshing.

Wait to see what CS says.

You may have to wait a bit longer - which is frustrating as heck, but you are a bright, dedicated seller - before you know it, you’ll be level 2 in no time.


Thank you.:slight_smile:
I appreciate all of your helps. :sunny:
I’ll be more patient and wait to see, what CS reply.
I was excited to get my badge, but it seems “better comes later” :mask::mask::mask:

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Hi n4y33m
You have been on Fiverr for 31 days. But did you log into Fiverr everyday? I mean for a seller to become level one, he/she has to be online for 30 days straight. Did you skip a few days in between? I think that is the only possiblity.

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Thanks. I was active in every single day…

you will get level-1 badge within 2 - 3 days…

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Thank you. I hope so… :slight_smile: