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Level up problem! Anyone please help me

Hello , I need a help, Im a no level seller , now my order competition rate is 78% and I completed 7 orders. My rating is 4.9+ and the level up task is showing ,I have to rise my order completion rate into 90% within 15 May. Now ,my qstn is , If I fail to reach the 90% then can’t I upgrade my seller level into 1?

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Of course you can’t :woman_shrugging: Fiverr doesn’t make exceptions. You will be upgraded only when you will fulfil all requirements


@mariashtelle1 ok ,But if i can’t get fill 90% order completion within the task time ,then ,what will happen and when i can get my level up?

Nothing will happen.
Obviously you will get your level on the next evaluation IF you will fulfil all criteria again :woman_shrugging:

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@mariashtelle1 is there any exect task if i fail to raise my 90% order completion up? I’ve completed all the tasks except the order completion rate.

What task are you talking about?

It’s super simple. Watch my hands:

  1. If you have all stats higher than 90% and fulfilled all other requirements you will be promoted to level one on 15 of the month.
  2. If you didn’t fulfil al requirements and stats at 90% then you will stay at no level or be demoted if you had a level one or two before.

Nothing complicated. :woman_shrugging:

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@mariashtelle1 thanks