Level Update Question


This is my present condition on fiverr.Can i get level 1 seller.


No. If you don’t meet the requirements then you can’t.


already i meet al the requirments.only left one $400.
somebody tell me that without complete $400 you can get.


ffahad@ I think you can’t as your requirements not complete.


yes.i understand the system


You will have to fulfill all the requirement to get the level one badge. Thanks


That was the situation before the level evaluation. It will have changed now to $400.


I wish you all the best for your fiverr journey…


Thank you very much.Also wish you too.


Ok Already i understand the system.Thank you.


Thanks for your post I already face this kind of situation


Thanks you so much for your post


Good Works.Go Ahead with a strong strength


Thanks for the post…I also wanted to know it. Now I am sure about it.


As long as there is a requirement left, you didn’t meet all the requirements. Savvy?