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hi what is the wrong my level was 2 why you done level 1 can you help me please

Glad it’s not just me. I just reported this to CU. My levels are both gone for no reason at all and this really hurts my sales.

I can still see the levels on my my badge here but my extras are gone in all my gigs. I hope they fix this soon.

how can l contact with them

Fiverr Customer Support

where am l gonna write over there

My levels have just been restored. Just send them a message telling them you just lost your levels and they should help you soon.

I now a lot of people complain about CU but they have been very helpful for me and this particular time I got a reply in less than 15 minutes. Everything is back to normal now for me.

@startselect thanks! Also i have this problem. I contact CS now. :)>-

No problem!

I faced the same problem and reported CS just now.

Same here :frowning: My level was gone now im Level 0 :frowning: I already contact CS…Hope they fix ASAP…I need My Extras ASAP bcos one of my gig came to first page, so I need Gig Extras ASAP…

100% sure this is just a silly bug related to the new rating system. I’m facing the same issue.

I just contacted them and waiting for a reply. :-w

Waiting… :-??

The answer is here: