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Leveling up


Hi, I am a newbe of about 3 weeks. to date I have 52 100% feedback gigs. I am wondering why and when I wil level up. I read others getting level 2 before 30 days. any insight would be helpful.



You should be leveling up sooner than later, it is a computer thing so be patient it will happen. Good luck in 2013 with your gig(s)


@ promitech

promitech said: I am wondering why and when I wil level up

When you've made 50 orders in 2mths + excellent ratings + solid track record = AUTOMATIC PROMOTION from Level 1 to Level 2

I got this info here:

promitech said: I read others getting level 2 before 30 days

These postings, are misleading to newcomers, like yourself and I.

When you next read these postings, I suggest clicking their profile link and you'll find that one of the reasons for their 'rapid ascent to Level 2' is that their account has indeed met the 2mths+ promotion criteria :-B

Perhaps one of the Level 2 forum members can correct me if I'm wrong with my answer


For even more info on l evels, you can read about the introduction of l evels here:


this post gives you tips on l evels



Reading your latest posting, I can see that I read and answered your post slightly incorrectly (I still standby my levels information answer though)

Now that you given a bit more information, I can now edit my reply and add:

Keep going! Level 1 will come soon

I suggest, heed what Customer Support says, adjust your gigs and delivery then the frustration should end


I have not made level one yet. they say that I had warnings when people needed forms fixed on there sites and said where the form should send to. if I sell a produce I have to know where to send it…I have bought gigs that require sending and my stuff had to be collected to send it to me. Frustrated … :frowning:


update, first gig was 12-13-12 and as of 1-22-13 I have 58 100% gigs, and no sign of level one. :frowning:


You must have been an active member here on Fiverr for at least 30 days (1 month) and have completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record in order to be automatically bumped to LEVEL 1 Seller.

You said: “Hi, I am a newbe of about 3 weeks.” … therefore, you have not been an active member for quite 30 days yet.

Wait another week or so. At that point, if you have met all the criteria to be promoted to LEVEL 1, and are still not LEVEL 1, then contact support.


Reply to @prohelper27: its been over a mo. now and 60 gigs no bad feedback. I have asked support they just send links to the docs. I have read a 100 times…


Well, for level 2, I think you have to have 50 orders within a 2 month period and you must wait for the full 2 months before you are leveled up.

However, for level 1, I’m not sure why you are not leveled to that yet. Perhaps you will just go straight to level 2 in about 2 months.


92 gigs to date and no levels, this system sucks… 60 + days 100% text backed feedback. suport still sends canned responces… booo Fiverrr


Do you have any cancelled gigs or have you ever received a warning from Fiverr?

These affect your levels. I am assuming you have, which is why your account won’t automatically level up…


Have you had any cancellations during that time ?


Reply to @promitech: Once you have been an active seller for the first 30 days, your account would automatically be upgraded to Level 1. I joined Fiverr on January 1. I completed 38 orders and cancelled only 5 orders that I couldn’t complete.

All the above activity occurred during the 30 days period and on January 31st at 4:34pm my account was promoted to Level 1.

I was excited and glad for this promotion because many of my buyers were asking me for the option to order multiple gigs at one single checkout and I told them to give me until 30 days to get this feature.

I don’t know why your account was not automatically promoted to level 1. I think you should contact Fiverr customer support and ask them about it.

promitech said: 92 gigs to date and no Levels, this system sucks... 60 + days 100% text backed feedback. suport still sends canned responces... booo Fiverrr

Although you may have met the criteria such as several orders, positive feedback, 100% rating, etc... to be promoted to a level 1 or 2, there are still things that can cause you to be 'held back' from reaching level 1 or 2 status. Have you had any cancellations or late deliveries? Have you ever received a warning from Fiverr for violating the TOU? These things can possibly hold you back from being promoted to level 1 or 2.