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Levels and Buyer Requests

How come the description of levels does not explain that you get more Buyer Requests?


There are actually a number of things that are gained at each level that are not listed on the levels page. I assume Fiverr chose not to list those things for a reason, probably because the things listed are the only things Fiverr wants sellers to aspire to. Everything else is a silent bonus.

As far as the Buyer Request not being announced on the levels page, that’s probably because Fiverr doesn’t want sellers to rely upon BRs for all of their sales.


I totally agree with you @jonbaas .

Good heavens. What an admission! What sort of depraved mind would think like that?

It could be because BR was an afterthought; the idea of Fiverr is that buyers search for a service they need, and once they find something they like, contact the seller directly.


I’m just commenting on what I know. My comments really aren’t all that earth-shattering.

Whose “depraved mind” mind are you referring to? To be honest, I don’t see any depravity in either what I have said, or how Fiverr chooses to operate their website. Truth be told, observant sellers can generally figure out the things that are not listed on the levels page by personal experience.


Yeah well I am an experienced seller. I do not like finding things out by trial and error. It is not efficient. It is not professional. Fiverr needs to encourage and support sellers in the same way it supports buyers.

So JonBaas, what other things are not included in the level descriptions?

I’m not going to tell you. You can figure them out on your own, like every other seller does. Fiverr doesn’t list those things on the levels page for a reason, so it is not my place to share them openly. You have the ability – and experience, as you have stated – to learn what you need to learn as you operate your freelance services here on this site.

Then it may be wise to alter your preferences, and be willing to learn by trial and error. Every other business, in the world, has to operate that way. You’re going to have to do the same.


What a load of nonsense. Of course businesses have to learn. But they should not have to learn what it is reasonable for someone to tell them!!

No one on this forum is going to do your work for you. You are perfectly capable of learning by experience, and you are perfectly capable of applying the experience you gain to grow and improve your business.


You got the official signet ring I presume?

I don’t really see what a difference it would make. Would you have worked harder or less hard to reach that level if you had known that seeing more buyer requests was also a leveling perk? As I see it, there are several perks listed for each level, which should be enough to want to reach that level if you don’t want to reach it just because, anyway, and if there are additional ones that I unlock when I reach the next level, that’s a nice surprise.

Fiverr says “Benefits of Level … include…” (include = there are more than the ones listed, lets get that level and find out :D!)

Where’s my preciousssss, nasty sellerses who were here before me stole my precioussss :ring::monkey: (in lieu of a Gollum emoji)

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Actually miiila, it was the other way round. I have been a level 2 seller for years when some stupid buyers cancelled and I got bumped down to level zero. My business disappeared overnight and it has taken months to even get back again. But i was puzzled and amazed to see the Buyer Request lists to go down. I had been relying on them for my business.