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Levels and Gig Extras

My concern, Is I am currently a Level one seller. However, I have had a recent influx of gig orders. Great right!? Yes. However, a majority of those also had several gig extras attached. So, even though if we count by “fives” I have surpassed the 50 sales in two months. I have not been granted Level 2. So, what I have determined is that your level ONLY counts actual orders placed, rather than “fives” Which, I find absurd. Does anyone have more experience and can comment and either affirm my conclusion or not?

Thank You,

-Blake Anderson

I just hit 50 completed orders today. Im still at level one. Do you HAVE to be active for two months to move up to level 2? Im confused because it states you move up when “You made over 50 orders in the past two months” that insinuates you have two months to make 50 orders…

Therefore, My conclusion is when you are trying to “Level Up” do not offer gig extras! In your description lay out how many gigs it takes to get the task done. For Example: 2 logos = one gig. 5 logos=two gigs. 3D logos= one gig on top of 2 logos or 5 logos. That way one customer can easily turn into three orders!! Anyways, two days after this post. Meaning today. I was awarded Level TWO! Yay. Not sure how. But hey, awesome! Now I just need to get to the level @madmoo Thanks for the help everyone!

Reply to @madmoo: You always have the good answers!

Oh see I did not know that! so weather they order one with extras or 4 it doesnt matter ?

Reply to @madmoo: thanks, lol I am slow on the uptake some days that stinks though!

I have the same problem. I made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings, and a solid track record. As far as I understood, I should be automatically promoted to Level Two, but that did not happen. Now I’m waiting for the response from Fiverr to see why this happened.

Reply to @alexmagicwords: Contact Customer Support so that they can look into your case. Sometimes it takes some time to update. :slight_smile: