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this implies that you know the reason why… and now my curiosity is piqued

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I got demoted because my order completion rate was 87% and my rating was 4.7, things that didn’t matter before Fiverr’s new level system.

Basically, imagine you work for Fat Corporation and today, you’re told that now the company is Lean Corporation and anyone who doesn’t lose 50 pounds in 3-moths, will be demoted. That’s what happened to me and many others, we were totally unprepared and statistics don’t change overnight.

Ironically, now my rating is 4.8 and my order completion rate is 95%, but I make 1/3 or 1/4 of what I used to make.


So, as you said, there was notice ahead of time about the new system. I don’t think it’s fair or appropriate to compare it to a company forcing employees to lose weight. We all have the opportunity to improve our performance over time even if we can’t all do it in a couple of months. We don’t all have the ability to improve medical issues or physical conditions.

This thread is about hiring a marketing consultant, and it’s [edited] gone off topic. I do understand that in this comment you were responding to a direct question. The Ranting Pot is available to you as it is to everyone.

Edit Notes: I openly apologize to @fastcopywriter for the parts of my post that I have edited out. I believe that I reacted too strongly and it wasn’t necessary. I tried to edit so that this is more about why the thread was edited and my opinions but have removed more personal commentary.


sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have egged him on, @fonthaunt. I don’t appreciate the constant negativity either.

Fiverr announced their promotion/demotion intentions more than a month before it went into effect. There was nothing sudden and “totally unprepared” about it. Everyone had plenty of time to prepare, change their thinking, and adapt to the announced changes.


Sounds like a challenge, I’d be willing to take on. If I can handle Billy Blanks (Tae Bo) this should be a piece of :cake:.

Lean, mean grilling machine Doer!

You’ve mentioned multiple x’s that Fiverr is all you’ve got.

But something is better than nothing, no?


It wasn’t enough time! You can’t change statistics in a freaking month! You can’t go from 4.6 to 4.8 in a month! So don’t tell me

I didn’t! And I’m sure others didn’t as well.


It was actually 2 months, 60 days. The exact evaluation period. Enough time to make the changes before the first evaluation. It was early November when it was announced and the first evaluation was mid January.

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and yet you refuse to consider that your communication\customer service has something to do with not being re-instated to TRS?

Damn bro. I LIKE fiverr, but I am very aware that I can’t be dependent on it for an income and will start promoting my craft in other venues after I get used to working here. It sucks that you hate it so much, but need it… because that means we can all look forward to your griping for a long time to come.


It was also enough time for Fiverr to fix bugs and unfair ranking penalties, all of which can make maintaining levels impossible for even the best seller.

To be quite honest, I fully appreciate that @fastcopywriter (like myself) can get on people’s nerves by seeming to not let go of this issue. However, while @fastcopywriter might repeat the same point over, it is also becoming the case that many of the same sellers like to keep rubbing it in each time he does.

Rather than this same argument repeating over and over, it would likely be much kinder simply not to keep on kicking the hornet’s nest.

I do not mean any offense to anyone by saying this. However, one of the last things people need when in the middle of a massive drop income is their coworkers in the break room repeating over and over that it’s all their fault.

Be kind people.


Why speculate? The level system is crystal clear. Things like communication/customer service can’t be measured by anything other than response rate, and my rate on that has always been 99% to 100%. Even when I get spam, I will reply to it, usually with a warning to the spammer about how his actions might hurt him in the future.

I’m glad you like Fiverr, I used to LOVE Fiverr, they used to call me a Fiverr cheerleader. They don’t call me that anymore. LOL


100% agree on this and have said so plenty of times but this is how it is unfortunately and we need to work around it, as unfair as it is.

I think an evolution happens when it comes to a topic being repeated.

  • At first there is sympathy.
  • Next there is advice.
  • Then the advice is repeated, explained and/or expanded on.
  • Soon it becomes frustrating to read the same complaints without there being any action.
  • Eventually it gets to the stage where those reading and/or advising become exasperated and incredulous. This leads to somewhat “snippy” or less empathetic comments which I agree, as standalone comments, they may seem unkind. It is important to recognize the context of the comments though.

Having said all that, it is absolutely ok to flag comments that appear unfair or unkind and include a message explaining why. Flagging mods is also ok and I would personally welcome being told if/when I had said something unfair. A flag on a mod is dealt with by the other mods.


I was not attacking you. I was stating that responses (forum wide) to to this issue are becoming a little predictable. Also, while it is easy to point out a sellers presumed past failings and tell them to move on etc, it has to be remembered that issues like this can be personally traumatic for those involved and this isn’t something easily moved on from.

Lend me the ear of someone with a the the most basic familiarity with a topic such as being screwed over by a real-world CEO or having an ex run off with all your money and I can chew that ear off, regurgitate it, chew it again, and result in people migrating to new lands far away from my insensible gibberish.

This is just the nature of who we are. Yes, it annoys some people, however in closed worlds like the forum, it can be easy to grow impatient and hostile when hearing the same thing over, when really people could just click away in a millisecond.

Anyway, I guess my point was missed so it doesn’t matter.


I didn’t take it that you were, just felt that when I was encouraging people to flag in general that it is worth mentioning flagging mods too.

Could that be because when talking about the same problems over and over, the solutions don’t really change?

I get what you were saying - basically to just create a vacuum for people to shout into. I just don’t think a forum is the place for that, or rather not a suitable place for that. The forum is pretty active, gets a lot of comments etc.
Besides, should those offering advice simply step back and wait while topics becomes a complete ranting pot without any balancing positive/advisory comments?

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Why fuel my curiosity? :wink:

This isn’t strictly true. As @daviddoer mentioned in his TOS thread:

Top Rated Sellers
TRS has an often contested selection process, so I think its helpful to include:

Top Rated Sellers are chosen manually by Fiverr editors through an ongoing review process based on seniority, volume of sales, extremely high ratings, exceptional customer care, high order completion rate and community leadership. Top Rated Sellers gain access to more extensive features than previous levels, including exclusive access to beta features and VIP support.

I marked in bold two points that are very subjective. However, there are at least some things we can ponder about how they might apply to us. “Exceptional customer care” may include retaining excellent communication with your buyers, apprising them of your progress, asking for feedback during the process, and the other niceties that comprise “customer service.” As far as “community leadership” goes, my interpretation of that has something to do with the way we conduct ourselves here on the forum. I’ve been told by TRS that forum participation has nothing to do with it, however, I suspect that it may. Where else might we display behaviors constituting leadership? Of course any non-leaderlike behaviours that occur outside of this forum or the main site shouldn’t have any effect on consideration as TRS, but within the forum they might…

I am confident that when editors are looking at who to promote to TRS, they look through your messages and how you communicate to see if you’re a good example of who Fiverr wants to award with the badge. It’s also possible they look through the forums to see how people communicate here.

So putting a little effort more in there may help you achieve TRS next time you’re nominated, and even if it doesn’t, what’s the harm in communicating better with buyers - bearing in mind they may end up paying more or becoming repeat customers.