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Levels Going Down Just due to responce rate

Hello Guys!

I just want to see how many guys are in favor of Fiverr message response time. I joined Fiverr 2012 and I was in top label. If I go with earning of my gigs its low as compared to prv. Overall rating is good as I liked… e.g. Order Completion, On-time Delivery, and Postive Rating.

But, I don’t like the response rate. Let me share a few conversations. Help me how to deal with it.

Suppose the Client message was:

  1. Hello I want to buy this gig and what is your requirement and how much it will cost.

  2. Ans(Me): Thank you for showing your interest. Sure, you can and I am available right now will cost you $5, Extra order you can choose according to gig info etc…

  3. Client: OK sorry my client doesn’t want it right now…

  4. Ans(Me): Its ok,

  5. Client: OK Thanks for understanding me…

  6. Ans(Me): welcome :slight_smile:

  7. Client: Its ok, Never Mind: slight_smile

  8. So, what will be next… Bcz I did not ans, this rating will count in late response or not?

I hope you guys understanding this situation…

Thank you

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Response rate is based on your first reply in 24 hours. You don’t need to be last to reply after all messages, only first message counts.


Check this out:

Also check this:


OH is that? Really sound good then… I am not getting notification on phone. I am trying to fix this first.

Thank you

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What is best minimum time to answer first question. like 1 hrs 2 hrs… Mine count 5 hrs… as I can see in my status…

The sooner you can reply the better. Have a look at the other link I just added to my post above, for further information.


That’s average response time, not response rate. All it means is that on average, it takes you 5 hours to respond to a message (any message, not just the first one).