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Levels of Fiverr

So after a lot of struggle an angle of a buyer came and bestowed his orders upon me. So, now I’ve gathered like 2 five stars. When do I progress to the next level and what are the benefits?

Also, my order came from buyer requests. People are looking at my gigs but they aren’t buying, any tips as to what I should to do improve? liking my work won’t pay my bills. I need them to buy it too.

Once again, thanks a lot for your help.


Jamayal, that’s great that you got two glowing reviews.
But as for the levels you can check it yourself, you don’t even need to go far, in the app you have next level requirements right on your dashboard with the green colour showing how much more you need to fulfill. You can also check fiverr page with level and benefits of each level.
We are here to help but not to replace the basic search button. Fiverr put a lot of effort to create and write that guidance so it will be nice if you can appreaciate their work and check what they wrote on fiverr help page for sellers.

Dang! just read them. App didn’t show it, but the website does. Thanks!