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License for selling on Teespring

Hi, I am new at Fiverr.
I would like to have Designer doing Designs for T-Shirts, to sell at Teespring.

How is that with license? Do I need a special License (for example commercial Use) to sell T-Shirts on Teespring with that design?

Thanks for the help.

To go commercial, You will, of course, need a commercial license.
One common thing I noticed here on Fiverr is that, When you don’t get a commercial use license, you will get an unoriginal design that was copied or stripped away from another designer that can be found all over the internet.

In my opinion, that´s not really clear at fiverr.
It looks like you can use any Design made it fiverr for use at Teespring for example.
The complete license thing is not really good shown at fiverr.

To me this sounds pretty clear:


By purchasing a “Commercial Use License” on Fiverr, the seller grants you a perpetual, exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the purchased delivery for Permitted Commercial Purposes. Unless clearly stated otherwise on the seller’s Gig page/description, all intellectual property rights of the purchased delivery are hereby assigned to you.

I see the possible pitfalls more along the line of what jelsinardaooo says, and you can find lots of related posts on the forum if you search, there are a lot of sellers who either don´t have the slightest idea about IP, copyright and such, or ignore it. If you find a seller you can trust on that, you shouldn´t have problems in that regard, else, better not rely on your license being worth anything.