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License Question

Hi, I am from Europe and I had a Guy from Bangladesch a making a T-Shirt Design for me.
The Offer was including “Commercial Use”.

Now here is my problem:

A motorcycle is one part of the complete design.
So I gave the designer a small picture of a motorcycle from shutterstock with watermark in low quality, so he can see how I imagine the design of the motorcycle.

Now I have got the finished design and the motorcycle of the finished design is 1-1 the same motorcycle as the example motorcycle from shutterstock.

Now I am a little worried. Because, I have NOT a license for that Motorcycle Picture from shutterstock and I don´t know where the guy from Bangladesch have the Motorcycle picture from and I also don´t know if he legally used it in his design.

I am pretty sure the guy from bangladesch doesn´t care about legal rights.
But maybe I can get problems with that design?!

Can we discuss this?

You should have used Pixabay. Free for commercial use and no attribution required.

At Pixabay you can´t find high quality Vector Pictures.
And I also didn´t expect that the guy take the shutterstock picture.
But anyway, that´s not the problem…

Talk to the buyer about this problem. Tell him/her to provide a valid purchase proof of purchasing or using that picture. It the seller declines… cancel the order. You don’t know when something wrong will happen in the future. Do everything legit and safe.

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If you were clear to the seller that you were sending the motorbike image as an example and not to be used exactly, then ask for a revision and point out the problem.


Thanks for your answer. That´s exactly the point.

But another question I ask myself is, what if the Designer says ok to replace the motorcycle with a new one, but I als can´t be sure, that the new one isn´t also maybe “stolen” from a Website like Shutterstock.
Is it normal that the Designers always give a proof that the pictures they use aren´t stolen?

Thank you

You have a cheap buyer. cancer the order for your own sanity or contort yourself into new and unusual shapes.

I will take no further questions: those are your options, pick one and do it. Or present some evidence for those kind enough to help you more helpfully.

If you cannot or will not, refer to my first paragraph.

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You killer!!! :scream::scream::joy: A spelling mistake can Change the meaning of the sentence.

Heh, yes. That is a pretty bad one. Errant Finger Disease?

Maybe I’m not understanding you but my question is: “Why don’t you just purchase that image from Shuttershock?”

I am a member of Canstock. I pay them to download and legally use it for commercial or personal purposes. I use it for eBook covers, postcards, etc.

Edit: I give it to 5r sellers to make me eBooks, postcards, cards . .

Unless I misunderstood you, than disregard.

Yes, that would be a solution, but: For commercial use a license for 1 picture is ruffly 100€. That´s more money then I will spend.

How much is that?

I spend like $1 to $8 per picture, depending on pixel/quality

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Ruffly 90$.
You pay 1$ for a Vector Picture with commercial License for Printing Stuff? Then send me the link to the website.

Yikes! $90 is high! I see your hesitation.

Oh, gosh no. I have never bought vector! I don’t need anything that elaborate. I have no idea how much those are but it’s an option on the site.

Google search it. Typically, whatever Shuttershock has, others have it as well.

Do you need an actual motorbike or only a silhouette?
Plenty of people here are making vector files for $5.

Only the silhoutte.
I know, I actually paid that guy to make an own vector, but he didn´t :slight_smile:

Apart from the possible copyright issue, are you happy with the design? Did it cost you no more than 5 or 10?
Then take it and have someone else replace the bike, to be on the safe side. Otherwise just cancel.

… is what I’d do.

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I don’t know how the images are, but if you can find something you like on Getty, you might be able to get it discounted through a Fiverr seller. Fiverr has a partnership with Getty and many sellers off an extra to purchase a Getting image for a flat fee of $10. The seller gets only a small cut, but if you already know what image you want it might be an option. I haven’t used the feature much, so I don’t know if this would help, but it seems worth mentioning.

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The answer is that you can’t know for sure. You can look for it online but it might not come up. As others have said, if you don’t trust the seller, get someone else to do that bit.

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To have a Getty image via Fiverr, the buyer has to purchase its license FIRST then the seller has to choose the image. Neither the seller nor the buyer even know if the desired photo does really exist or NOT … the selection method should be developed to allow the buyer scroll among the library of the watermarked protected images then buy the one he likes.

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