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Lie to me fun game!


Wrong WOOF, i am a biologist by profession, graphic designer by ummm passion i guess… Lol.

yours 2nd

Yes guys, i dont have pets… because i am hyper allergic to animal furs.


Kk, you don´t have to :joy:


Everyone would say that I lie when I say I don’t have a social life, but I honestly stopped having one 7 years ago. I live in a remote place, barely get out just for shopping, and you guys are my social life :smiley: The 3rd one was a lie, I’m not handsome :smiley:


Do you have a pet rat or like rats? @fitrigwrites4u


@saddu_writer Are you allergic to reptiles? You can choose a reptile for a pet. :grin:


Do you also have (or had) a job as a biologist? That’d be so cool! I’ve never met a biologist before…


No, I am scared of their tails :grin:


Very humble, aren’t you? or fishing for complements? :smirk:

Well to be honest, i just finished my 7th semester, and only one is left. I will be graduated this year, in December. ( bio-med-sciences/Biotechnology )

I hope thats a joke, right. :confused:


Some people have a reptile as a pet such as iguana :grin:


I can’t bear the sight of their SCALY SKIN. :crocodile: I cannot even think to touch them… that gives me goose bumps…


Yeah actually I am scared of reptiles.


so was this your BUCKET list wish or is this a FAN moment for you. :smile:

Jokes apart, I think I was only one on forum until wuerz joined in.


@saddu_writer how is it like to do dissection of frog? I’m just curious.


Are you serious? Cummon thats what we did in high school…
Its now more than that… extracting DNA, modifying it, Culturing transgenic plants etc etc.


Oh that sounds good stuff. Actually we only get chance to do dissection and stuff if we chose biology in 11th grade.



That sounds… apocalypthic, to say the least.


Alright I will have a go:

  1. I like talking about subjects using well thought out arguments.
  2. Sometimes I dive into a topic too much, which can result in a whole array of peoples reactions.
  3. For me the one most important thing above everything else, is that people like me.


@render_worx I think the answer is #3 :slight_smile:


It’s obvious answer 3.


Yeah, it´s obvious :joy: