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Lie to me fun game!


Let’s play one more game. You post three things about yourself and put one lie among them. People will find out which one is a lie.

Here are my three things.

  1. I like cats.
  2. I drive a scooter.
  3. Pizza is my favorite food.
    Guess which one is a lie and add yours. :joy:

How to ? How it Works?

#3 is your lie? :slight_smile:


Yeah I do eat pizza but not fond of them. :sweat_smile:



Here are my three things:

  1. I love dogs
  2. I have dogs
  3. I have a Doberman.

Which one is not true? :slight_smile: @zeeshan_tirmizi


Probably last one… I think you like small dogs?


Yes, the answer is #3. I like big dogs, but I don´t have a Doberman. All my dogs are mongrels (not pure breed) :slight_smile:

Edited: Actually I like small dogs too as long as they are not too tiny. A corgi size is okay for me.


Here are my 3 things

  1. I own a tortoise.
  2. I own a cat.
  3. I own a pet rat.

Which one is not true?


Cat one seems odd to me.


I think you don´t own a tortoise, or do you?


I own a tortoise and a cat. Don’t own a pet rat thank goodness.


Here are my three things

1. I have two pets. :cat2: :dog2:
2. I love icecream. :ice_cream:
3. I am a biologist. :leaves:

:question: :question: :question:


Think I have two pets is the odd one.


This is fun! Me likes!

@saddu_writer I suppose you’re not a biologist… yet. You are a graphic designer :stuck_out_tongue: Right? Right?

Now my turn:

1. I’m a dog person
2. I don’t have a social life
3. I’m handsome

Haha! Let’s see you now :imp:


Hahaha! Some people do own a rat :slight_smile:


I know you don’t have pets right?


you are not a biologist, are you? :slight_smile:


You don’t have a social life. :joy:


FALSE. Gotcha! I actually don’t have a social life… it’s been 7 years now :smiley:


I know and they are supposed to be very intelligent. But I could not go there!


Well, I think none of them is a lie :slight_smile: