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Life Hack - How to get buyer requests? Sharing is Caring - Let's jump in to it

when buyer requests not showing. I was new on fiverr and heard abot buyer requests, but it was showing when I clicked it. Then I watched one video on Youtube months ago. We need to edit our gig’s category. Yeah, I know what are you thinking right now, category doesn’t change after publishing but I mean second part of category not basic one. Let’s say if your gig is in “illustration” category you must change to “Other” and save. After that refresh website and click on buyers requests. I tried and it works.
Wish you good luck. Reply me if it works <3
Sharing is Caring…

Not necessary you change your current gig to “other”, you can create new gig entirely and put it in other sub niche as to get enough buyer request.

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Agree, it’s a wise way