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Life is Beautiful and I'm still working! (Another Story)


Hi Everyone,
I wanna share with you one beautiful things!

Since 2012 I cannot stand up. I have a disease name “Duchene Muscular Dystrophy” which disabled me and put me to bed. I was want to do something always.

One day in a social media group I have saw about freelancing. Then I learn all about of freelancing via google, youtube and some professional freelancers.
I became a freelancer. Again from social media group I have know about the fiverr. I didn’t even want to bother because l applied, bid and hope on many online platform for designers which are based on competition among designers. I hoped to won a job for small amount of money.

So I give it a last try to online freelance. I created gigs (17 February, 2017 but I was created fiverr account in december,2016) which I enjoy the most to do. Honestly, didn’t believed.

But, on the second day, I received an order!
I was thrilled because someone is looking just for me! In fact I was so thrilled that I delivered a design within 1 hour!
2 days ago I became Level two (within 49 days) and I am so proud that I’m still usable! Yes, we all need a money, but in my case, money isn’t a thing that makes me happy.

I feel happy and I found myself again. Love You Fiverr.

Greetings To Everyone


Fahim, that’s great to hear - well done on your level 2, and here’s to many more orders! :tada:


Thank You very much :slight_smile:


Hi Fahim,

Congrats on becoming a Level 2, stories like yours are always inspiring. :slight_smile:
Best of luck in your Fiverr journey!


Thank You and Pray for me. :slight_smile:


never give up bro work and shine .


Thank you so much. Keep me on your prayer. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Fahim for sharing your story!!!:gift:
You have an amazing energy and a super positive attitude!:sparkler: a real example for many…
Congratulations for your success…and I wish you can realise all you have in mind!:clap::clap::tada:


Very inspiring story, keep up the good work @fahimulkarim:slight_smile:


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Thanks dear bro… :slight_smile:


Proud of you Brother. Go ahead! :revolving_hearts:


Thanks. Pray for me. :slight_smile:



I am also very proud that you have the heart and soul to not only share your story; but show us all, a greater purpose in our Fiverr Community. The need to make a living begins our journey as Freelancer Workers … when suddenly we realize, we have a support group among the amazing persons we compete against. God Bless and I hope you get many more orders.



Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


It’s very inspiring. Thank you Fahim…