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You know, it’s hard for a lot of people, including my mother to understand why I am so happy - I live alone, hardly talk to anyone in real life,dropped out of college, have no job, nobody - relatives/neighbors/acquaintances - knows what I do and how I am able to live in such a big house and so comfortably even after 14 years after my father’s death even though I haven’t had a job for years. Most people here think the worst of me. After all, in a country where everyone “normal” gets married in their early 20s, I am unmarried at 35 and have never shown any interest in getting married. I don’t even want to imagine what people think about me. Not that it matters to me. And yet, I don’t care, and I am blissfully happy. Look forward to every day with great enthusiasm and enjoy what I do - writing articles. Thank you, God!



It’s good that you have a positive approach towards life. Despite being different to what is considered “normal”. In the end all that matters is what we think of ourselves. Opinions of others not really help much in life.


Some people think they know what is good for other people, that´s just how some people are. They think if you live the way they live their lives then you will be happier. But sometimes they are not even happier than you are. Happiness is a state of mind. I personally don´t like it when other people tell me what to do with my life. If you don´t feel like getting married, then don´t listen to those who tell you the other way around, coz sometimes they don´t even know what they´re talking about, really. Besides, I know a lot of people who are not happy with their marriage life. Marriage is not for everyone. In my case, I am married and some people have told me that marriage is bad. But I´m super happy with my marriage, my husband is my best friend. It´s not my fault that they have failed with their marriage, but they shouldn´t say something to make me feel stupid by being married. I usually just ignore them, It´s my life, not theirs.


Sorry but HAD to:


I would like to add, some people are really super happy with their solitude. But some other people can´t even comprehend with that idea because they have a totally different mindset. Those people who don´t get it usually are mistaken being alone with being miserable. They have NO IDEA. Being alone is not equal with being miserable. But some people tend to mix that up.


I want to go there. I love green grass, sunny/breezy days - puts me in great mood.

Downloading that one.


Hainnnn? You look 28 years old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:[quote=“writer99025, post:1, topic:114875”]
have never shown any interest in getting married

I suggest, you should get married so when you get older you ll have your family to care you .At the moment you don’t need anyone but after few years have been passed away you’d need someone to care you by heart and not for getting paid.:four_leaf_clover:


Where did you go? Its been long.


No offence, as it is a common point of view, but this is also one of the most selfish reasons for getting married and besides this a very big misunderstanding. I worked occasionally in a retirement home and when I was scheduled for the first time to work there in the weekend I thought “Hmm, it will be hard to find a parking spot right in front of the home on a Sunday.” Gosh, was I wrong. Not any family member of any of the elderly people showed up.
When I worked in the restaurant I decided to accompany them and have some small talks with them. This way they didn’t had to stare out of the window, hoping for effing family members who never show up.


I’m happy as well. I’m happier than most people I know. I have a lot of work to do but I schedule it in a way that I can enjoy my day. In fact I’m doing whatever I darn well please all day long.
I know a lot of people who living by the ‘normal’ standards and are actually very miserable.


Hello my dear friend @writer99025
I am still learning how to use this new forum.
Have been going through tough times since 16th December last year. Still trying to recover.
Off topic.
Well, I wanted to say that you should live your life the way you want to and not how people want you to live.
Good day my friend.


Whatever makes you happy… so be it! I’m so happy for you that you’re doing well!

:bulb: Joe


My prayers to you :slight_smile:


Are you still recovering from that situation with this crazy neighbor?


Keep doing what you love. Can’t go wrong with that. Thanks for the inspiring read!

Ps: don’t mind what others think. It’s your life, not theirs.


Hope you get out of the tough times soon, you are a gem.


@esthernyambura Hi back at you :slight_smile: I have been here and there with the dogs as usually and do other stuff. I second what @writer99025 said, I hope you get out of your tough times soon, you´re a gem! xoxo


I wholeheartedly agreed with what @mariokluser said.

From my end, even though I´m married, I won´t tell anyone to get married if they don´t want to or when I see they are not married - basically coz I like to mind my own business. Like I said before, marriage is not for everyone. Unless you want it, you have an amazing life partner like my husband and I with/to each other, loving unconditionally, treat each other well and can always be honest to each other, and happy with being with each other, and you know he/she is the right person for you, better not get married or wait - whatever. People should mind their own business and stop telling others how to live their lives. People who have told me that marriage is bad are no different than people who have told me that being single is bad - they have the same attitude. Open your mind, there are so many possibilities in this life. What you think is good for you does not mean it is good for other people.


Ain’t we all selfish somehow…