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Life of a Voice Over

But surely the videographer is using your work commercially (in the course of business, charging for work that incorporates your voice over).

From the TOS:

“Permitted Commercial Purposes” means any business related use

For the end client (who hired the videographer) it wouldn’t be business use but for the videographer who hired you it would be.

True, and I should have been more clear - I don’t mess with limited use (or single use) licenses on Fiverr because it’s impossible to enforce. I have one blanket fee, and the work is then free to be used in perpetuity. So in cases like the wedding thing, I just make sure my base price is high enough that’s it’s worth my time to have done.

There are a lot of caveats to working on Fiverr, and this is one of the bigger ones, for me. Commercial rights and broadcast rights appear as a drop down menu where it would appear as though you’re meant to select a multiple of some sort, which is (in my opinion) absolutely crazy.

Who needs ‘4’ commercial rights? Or 10 broadcast rights? Is that to mean they’re buying the rights for 10 airings on local television? How on earth would I go about policing that when anonymity is so strictly enforced here? And why on earth would I even want to? Yuuuck…

I’ve gone back and forth with CS about this, several times, with no luck. I have noticed, however, that there is now a ‘full buyout’ option, when creating custom quotes, so at least we have that now, but the whole idea is far from ideal.

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BTW - Apologies to OP, as I feel like I’m hijacking the thread, so I’ll let this slide for now, unless you guys really want to keep discussing it. :wink:

I haven’t seen this personally - my base price is $10 and I’m busier than I’ve ever been in 3 years on Fiverr. I’ve also found that I have much fewer problematic buyers (asking for free work, being demanding, asking for a billion revisions) since I’ve set my prices a bit higher.

If I ever saw a significant drop in my sales, I’d definitely consider lowering my prices again, but so far this has worked great for me.

Really?? That’s whack. Is this just an oversight or has Fiverr taken a stance on this officially?

It’s no wonder buyers think we’re pulling a fast one. There’s a big lack of consistency on this site.