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Life Organization, Manual Typing, and Website Testing! I'm your go-to girl!

Hello Fiverr!
I’m here for all of your organizational, manual typing , and website testing needs!

Life organization: I am the owner of a cleaning business so I know there is a massive need for life organization. I am offering my service exclusively through Fiverr to not only organize your business, but organize all the aspects of your life that make you feel like you’re being pulled in 100 different directions at once. I will provide open communication with the buyer and ask for all the “to-do’s” in their life. I will make an assessment based on information provided and give my client advice on how much time to spend on each task in order to become more organized and give each task the amount of time it needs.

Manual Typing: Before I was a business owner, I worked in an insurance auto claims department. I picked up a typing speed of 85 WPM, with 0 errors while I was there and I would like to provide my typing services to you. Whether you need me because you don’t have time to type, or you’re not a fast enough typist to get the job done in a timely manner, I’m your girl! I will type up your PDF file, image file, or other document extremely quickly.

Website User Testing: I will test out your website while recording my screen and voice. You will hear my raw thoughts about the good and bad of your website. I will not sugar coat anything for you, I will tell you from a consumer’s (or user’s) perspective how your website comes across to me. You’ll be able to give me tasks to complete on your website all the while hearing me talk as I complete the tasks.

I look forward to working for you!

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