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Lifting each other up


I have seen so many negative comments about sellers from FIVERR on the internet so I decided to start a once woman crusade to lift my fellow sellers up. I am commited to sending out 5 positive messages a day (no more than that then it would be considered spam). What I do is send a message of encouragement to that seller and just let them know that a fellow seller has their back. IF they reply, I ask them to pay it forward and do the same for another seller on FIVERR. I hope you all will follow my lead and bring a posttive message to another seller here on FIVERR.


Okay so I have sent 5 individual messages to sellers today, telling them to keep up the good work and that their gigs are awesome, my challenge to other sellers is still on the table, who can you give good news and positive feedback to today?


This place should not be a battleground for anyone. This is a community of people, sharing their knowledge and love of fun ideas, art, inventions, etc… I encourage seller to help each other out and spread positivity. One way I help sellers is by pointing my customers into another Voice Over gig if they are unhappy with my performance. I had a buyer a month ago who wanted a Family guy voice that I couldn’t do, so I searched up the voice for him and sure enough there was a gig for it! So I sent him the link to that gig.


I agree, I think to be a success you have to be a postive influence all around not just about your gig but alos helping others, including other sellers


These kinds of seeds always reap positive fruit.


Reply to anarchofighter: just trying to be there for my fellow sellers


Okay so I got my five on fiverr done today, I went to the site and found some newbies and sent them supportive messages so they know another seller has their back.


Nice, I may do that as well - too cool. You are a visionary!


Stop by my place and say hello!


Today’s five on fiverr was directed at my fellow sellers here on the fourms. I have really connected with some of you this week and really glad that I was invited to play in this FIVERR sandbox.


“Grandma” gave me some awesome advice today. Thank you!!


Reply to @lparziale: Yes grandma gave me some great advise also, sure have been eating a lot of SPAM today…


Five for FIVERR done today, I focused on newbies, people who have just joined FIVERR today and are just getting started. I enjoy lifting people up on a daily basis, so much negativity in this world that positive vibes are in demand… Hmm wonder if that could be made into a gig???


Not a newbie - but would love to get a message :slight_smile: Cool, innovative idea. Love it!


Hey everyone hope the day is going great. I am on holiday this weekend and have been having a great time, heading back to the homestead tomorow and back to work. I am glad I was still near a computer that I was able to keep up with the forums and staying active with my five for fiverrs. I sent out 5 messages today and also Doodler you should have one from me also. I hope everyone has a productive day!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: You deserve the same. Awwww… hugs. Thanks for the awesome video message this AM. I am still digesting what you said, will be on contact.


I have decided to turn my fiver for fiverr into a one person welcoming comittee to the fiverr family, sent my 5 messages out to 5 newbies


Today I sent this message out to 5 Top Rated Sellers, my five for fiverr keeps going like the energizer bunny. This is the quote I sent them and I also share with you all! I hope everyone is have a great day!

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. "

  • Thomas Jefferson


Is this still being implemented? It’s a good idea. If I see a spelling error on a gig, I inform the seller. They’re appreciative of it.