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Like button for order messages?


This would be a good feature to have when you run into the situation as a buyer or seller, where someone messages you and there’s not necessarily something to say back to them but you’d like to acknowledge you read it. Perhaps a better idea would be an “read” clickable button, to acknowledge the buyer or seller that you read it but there’s no further comments needed. (Not an automatic system where it shows you read the message) What do you think?

  • There should be a like button.
  • A like button is a bad idea.
  • “Read” button option to click read when you’ve read it and don’t have anything to say.
  • Something different all together that I will add to the thread.

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I like this idea! :slight_smile:

I like to let the seller have the last word in our inbox conversations. Whenever the seller sends me a “thank you” for the gratuity message and I don’t respond, it seems rather rude of me. This would eleviate that.


Glad to see if from a buyer’s perspective. Sometimes I don’t want to come across rude but really there’s not much to say when I’m signing off for the night on work after you’ve let them know.


You can always use the good old :+1: or :pray:


Awesome idea I think it will good.