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Like my gig user

please like my gig please

If you attached your gig link then that would be better . :grinning:

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check please :heart_eyes:

Good service … Liked …

Good Luck :grinning:

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thank you jhakz1234:wink:

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I am Ajay new here on fiverr

Hi ajay how are you:sunglasses:

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I have nice sunglasses.

Thank for asking.

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ahann waow :star_struck:

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Hey are you new here.

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yes tyagija :no_mouth::no_mouth::roll_eyes:

hey are you from india?

no pak:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

oh i am also.
but i am not getting even my fist sale

can you please like my all gig :thinking::thinking::blush:

yaa of course.
but can you help me to get my first sale.

yes sure how can i help you am here

hmmm do you know anyone who can buy my gig?

nooo :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::roll_eyes::persevere:

ok thanks for replying.