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Like or Emoji on 5r Main Site Message System



Although, only the first message must be answered quickly for response time purposes, I heard conflicting information from sellers.

That being said, I always like to let the seller have the last word. It would be nice if there was a :heart: or a :slightly_smiling_face: that I can send.

I feel like a heel when I don’t answer them after a “thank you” note but if I do, then some sellers feel compelled to respond back. I prefer not to waste their time, so a quick little :heart: would let them know I received their final message and I appreciate them.

I would really, really like this function added - it would enhance seller/buyer relationship!!

Thank you/G. Riley


You can write “:)” on the main site and it will auto convert to “: slightly_smiling_face:” or :slight_smile:

For sellers, the :clock1: will always show up for conversations that count for response time. From my experience…

  • The first message always counts.
  • If you send another later that day, it won’t count.
  • If you send another later that week, I don’t think that will count either.
  • If you another later that month, I believe Fiverr will see it as a new conversation and it will also count.

I’m not sure how many days it takes between one message and another for Fiverr to count it as a new conversation, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal myself. If you’re going back-and-forth with a seller in the same day or week, they won’t be affected by every message :smile:


Oh, Gina! You can’t imagine how many times I wanted to let the buyer have the last word after they said “thank you” and I actually tried clicking the “Like” button that I quickly realized wasn’t there :smiley: The forum made me always look for a “Like” button when conversing with a buyer in Fiverr Inbox :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, I think that would be an awesome feature!

I had a buyer who said “thank you”, I said “You’re welcome”, then he said “you, too”, and then I said “thank you” - I then started asking myself who was actually having to thank who? :crazy_face:


Ha, ha. That’s funny. :rofl:

Seriously, though, it almost feels like I am ignoring the seller when they send me a “thank you” message and don’t reply. I read it and appreciate it. I even look for it.

A little :heart: isn’t unprofessional but let’s the seller have the last word and still know the buyer saw your message.


I know, that’s exactly how I feel when a buyer doesn’t respond to my “thank you” :smiley:

But I don’t think a “:heart:” icon would work that well - it looks too cheesy, too Valentine’s Day - hence why it’s being used on the Forum, because it’s not a highly strict professional platform. So something like Facebook’s “LIKE” would probably work better, although I still think there might be some other better way of doing this without hearts or likes :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, good to know I´m not a stalker, haha but is just like …thank you + not answer = whom the f cares

I don´t know…it feels weird not saying anything back!