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Likes the work but bad Rating


Recently I have completed my web mockup order. Client’s feedback in conversation is “Love the site! It’s perfect. You have done a really good job and I’m looking forward to completing the next stage with you once I get everything ready, are you going to apply this to the site?”

But after that, she leaves just 3.4 rating which is completely unbearable.

Is she is still able to change the reviews if I ask her? or Fiverr can help me with this scenario or not.

Please help me.

Rajjat Garg

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i think here is solution

You can send this message but don’t ask her to change it!

Hello, I see you left 3.4 stars review. Did you intend to do this? If so it’s ok but there have been some bugs on the review system so I was just checking.

Say no more than this or you will violate the rules. If she does not answer do not send another message. You can try the resolution button.

If she says she meant to leave all 5 stars you can take a screenshot of that message and send it to customer support and tell them the bug on the app caused an error and can they please remove the feedback due to this.