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Limerick Heaven (or Hell)


Dear Eoin:

Here’s a couple more action shots:

Thank you,


There was a girl named Miiila,
she threw limericks around like a dealer.
One rhyme here one rhyme there, soon limericks can be found on the forum everywhere!


That is what is important!


So I scrolled through all of the posts and I still did not get my 100 post badge!!! Is it timed as to how long you are on the post??

I need help! I am going to send all of you 100 badge earners a private message now to find out how you did it!
Just kidding!


There was a mysterious badge from Discourse
Which everyone wanted to have of course.
Read hundred posts and more
With Limericks, what a chore,
Yet might have to wait for the badge resource.

Badges as far as I read, have a ‘query time’, so you might just have to wait for it to show up. Else maybe you´re out of luck if you´re a fast reader, not sure. :wink:


I concur with my honorable colleague from Germany.

My experience was that the Reader Badge did not pop up until hours after I earned it from Reading This Thread:


I am very impressed with your Limerick capabilities!
I confess, I did read most of the posts in this particular thread as it was just so entertaining.


One has to wonder, what is the purpose of the 100 badge award. Does it show that we have patience and genuine interest or are we doing it just to claim the badge?


:slight_smile: It´s entertaining, isn´t it. whispers Especially the posts that are only for certain people.
The thread Blaise linked though is hardchore-r, getting through all those thousands of thank yous requires more persitstance. It´s a very good thread too though.


Probably it´s a very complicated and long formula contained in The Algorithm.


I’m after the mysterious and coveted “Reader” badge.
I’ve read every post in this thread. So far the badge has remained elusive.

I also would love to have my “most liked by” and “most liked” lists match as to who is in them both.
It’s only fair.


My reader badge appeared quite a while after reading this post, like maybe a day or so.
Please don’t like this post Miss Crystal, I want to balance us up too!


I like all your posts. They need to have twice as many people in the lists.


Yeah, it is interesting to see them
I wonder how many people have @emmaki as their most liked person. I would say quite a few


I would like them to bring back so we could see that interesting information.

Btw I checked and see that I am in your most liked list so far so maybe I will keep liking your posts.
I like everyone’s posts and don’t want anyone to feel left out.


Yes you are - just behind @writer99025 and @emmaki

I was feeling all special and loved

You had to ruin it.


Replying from mail test.
I think there is a badge for that too.
Nothing else to say. I hope you are all happy.


'Tis the young maiden emmaki most fair
Who wins most loved fair and square
By all the people she was loved
Those who didn’t were shoved
Into a magic evil bush of prickly pear

You’ve been warned


More fair, I do agree
Tis the great Emmaki,
But in the race for the quincentenery,
Things are hotting up intensively -
It’s between her and me!

Not sure if there is a badge for it though…


Perhaps a post for the suggestions box
That it serve up bagels and lox
As I do propose to ask and cadge
for the option to design your own badge
Because I am sly and cunning like a fox

Just imagine the glorious mess if anyone could make up their own badges.