Limit on Negative Feedback


I have just had a guy simply mark a gig as ‘thumbs down’ after 3-4 months. Absolutely no reason for it. He just done it and I am completely miffed as he was happy with the delivery. Seems a little unfair people can do this after so long (took me talking to fiverr support to find out who done this) limits need to be placed on how long negative feedback, or any can be left for.


I have been ranting about this for months. It has happened to me also and Support didnt really care about it. I got the form letter response of “Buyers have the right to leave feedback at any time they wish”. Yea, that sucks! I believe in completion and closure. When something is done it should be DONE! I can’t come back months later and say “Hey buddy, you know what, I want another $5 for the gig I gave you 3 months ago”


Yes, this is a problem that needs to be fixed. There is no reason people should be able to come back after that long and leave ANYTHING…

Also, there is an issue where buyers can purchase a gig extra AFTER the order has been delivered!

Both of these need to be addressed as soon as possible by Fiverr. I hope they do something soon.