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Limit orders in queue / overbooking bugged


I usually use this feature, as my work queue gets filled pretty fast, but seems not always works as intended. Several weeks ago I switched the limit orders in queue due to orders overload, but my Gigs were showing in searches for almost a day.

Now, I used again this feature two days ago and switched on the limits, getting the gigs overbooked. I switched it off two days after after clearing bit my work queue, but several hours after, I am still out of search. The legend in the feature says:

“Using this feature allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search.
Disabling this feature returns your Gig to Fiverr’s search (approximately 15 minutes later).”

But no, my Gigs have not returned to Fiverr’s search in 15 minutes. In fact, now, I think 10 hours, and still not showing.

Seems this feature does not work smoothly. Or just happens to me :slight_smile: . Anyways, would be great if this can be fixed. Meanwhile, let me enjoy the holidays :sunny: (well no, still have work to do!)


Ah isn’t that the dream of every new seller… being overbooked lol


Oh well, my work queue fill from several places, as I have regular customers for several years now :slight_smile: . And I route traffic to my gigs from outside Fiverr also. But yes, I think I am very pleased with this platform. Fiverr rocks! (at least for me and now)


Where do you normally get your outside traffic from if you don’t mind I’m asking.


Marketing campaigns, customers I know out of Fiverr, website… several places


Ok finally my gigs returned to search, around 24h after disabling the limit queue. No problem, but if someone uses that feature, consider it can be a bit slow at least now.