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Limit Orders in Queue

There was a helpful topic by @Speedy876 titled “How to Keep Orders Under Control” and a feature of LIMITING ORDERS IN QUEUE" was mentioned by @fastcopywriter. So for all those who still are unable to find thi feature, please see the screenshot.

All you need to do is goto your gigs and click on a gig to open its statistics (do not go edit gig page, just click on the gig).

P.S: this feature is not only for Super sellers, I am myslef a level 2 seller.

Goodluck, Hope you get so many orders so that you use this feature :slight_smile:
Adnan (adkafridi)


Thank’s for it!!

Great info and screen shot!! Thanks. I can now see it too. If any level 1 or 0 finds they can use it, please update! Note: If you have gigs you want viewable on your profile but are overbooked on other gigs, you can set the limit to zero. :slight_smile:


Oh my, thank you very much, it could be so useful!
But, does it affects the placement in the searches?

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Interesting. Your queue does appear to count orders you have delivered, but have not been accepted from what I have seen. So I suggest watching and keeping that in account to the limits you set.


This is especially great if you don’t wish to turn on the vacation mode, which might actually ruin your overall score!

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Fiverr should also consider extending the time of delivery once a buyer buys multiple orders. I understand that the delivery time is good only for a single order but what if someone purchases multiple orders? I often get my orders delivered late because of multiple orders.


I totally agree. We set a delivery time (lets say 2 days) for one gig and if they order 10 gigs together fiverr doesnt multiply it and we end up with a deadline of 2 days for 10 jobs :frowning:

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I’ve seen those option so many times, but never payed attention to them.

Such a good thing to know that this is possible. Thank you!


Thank you Adnan

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If you set the limit to 0, I believe it will serve the same purpose as vacation mode.


I guess yes. If your limit is, lets say 2 and you have two orders in queue, I think fiverr will not display your gig in searches…

thanks for this great piece…
would surely look out for more of Ur writeups…

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nice work bro…

Yes, this happens a lot with me. Maybe three days should be added automatically for multiple orders.

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nice points raised in this post!

or may be Fiver should ask us how many days should be added for additional orders.

this is great because without it things can get SUPER overwhelming!!

i see in my gigs. cool :slight_smile:

Though I’m not getting orders that much but that’s exactly what I was thinking “how to keep orders under control”. Thanks for sharing.