Limit the order automatically by fiverr system


this is my suggestion and hope every body will like this idea.

currently seller can limit their order to fiverr function but that is creating big difference between all sellers. if you do notice their is few seller, who have 100s or more order in que for 1 day basis. so they don’t deliver quality work for buyer ( sorry, whoever have that amount of orders. i have no any enmity to you or might be you are delivering quality service for your all buyers).

So idea is - fiverr should have limit the seller order automatically. either based on level or rating. it can be 10 or 20 order daily basis.

This can make big improvement of delivery quality and improve other sellers earnings too.

i can describe more about this :slight_smile:

but wanted to know other seller point of view.


This is totally inaccurate. I know some sellers personally who have over 100 jobs in queue and deliver quality work. (I do know some who do not, but that doesn’t make it true for everyone.) There are quite a few seller who achieved such success on Fiverr that they started to work with a team, hired employees or found ways to automate some tasks. Those sellers can work with very high queues. In my opinion, it isn’t very nice to accuse successful sellers of bad quality without grounds to do so.


I think this is unnecessary and unfair.

You should have complete autonomy in your order queue. That is why you also have the option to limit your queue.

Limiting the order does not mean the seller will deliver something better.

There are some sellers that deliver loads of orders daily and they put in an immense amount of work to ensure it is of great quality.

Some even have the ability to deliver 1000 orders daily because they have a team in the background.

Limiting orders will be a bad idea for Fiverr because it means less money


My best day is with 80 order/days and this in video category, this requires edit time and render time.
I do not think it’s good to stop the success of a seller.It can work in a team and it is very easy.


ohh… i don’t know about this… that means -1 seller account working with 50 or 100 employee/worker.

why that all 100 individuals don’t make their own account on fiverr…


There are a few TRS that are definitely working in a team. I know one I worked with in 2013 before I knew about Fiverr. She has about 5 project managers with loads of people working under her (she makes articles, scripts, vo, whiteboard videos, 2d animations etc). She has a really nice process (I won’t mention her name because of the story I’m about to tell you).

I met her on another platform and we agreed on a pricing structure. She was supposed to be paying (for example) 6 dollars per minute. I was making loads of videos for her daily for a month. When she made her payout, it was 70% less than it was supposed to be. And this was the reason I stopped working with her. She calculated the videos per second. So if we made 15 seconds in a project, it will mean 1.5 dollars. I felt that was cheating which was why I didn’t work with her anymore. However, I came across her profile in 2014 on fiverr

She has loads of people working for her and that is why she is able to have so many gigs because she has an awesome process. Kudos to her!

Many people are building businesses to be able to handle their queue. Not everyone will talk about it.

They simply find cheap labour and send all the work their way. They don’t have to know they are working on Fiverr, plus opening an account on Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you sales. Many people are not willing to work hard for their account to gain traction. They are looking for a quick buck which makes them easy targets.

This doesn’t apply to everyone. I’m just letting you know that people are able to handle very large amount of orders without reducing the quality


I know of two top rated sellers who always have at least 30 orders in their queue and they always without fail deliver top quality work. I know there are others who have over 100 in their queues and always deliver top quality work.


Yeah, I know of a few super sellers in the articles/blog posts category who get 100 orders every day. Surely they have a team behind them. I am personally happier with fewer orders than too many orders as I work alone. Last 2 months got a lot of new clients, high impressions, made a lot of money but my otherwise perfect stats have taken a toll which could affect my TRS status. The super sellers I told you about - they don’t care about stats. I have about 5 negative reviews in 4 years (just 3 for my main gig), they get 5 negative reviews every 2-3 days.


exactly, what i mean of posting this thread.


When you see sellers with over 20,000 reviews they get negative reviews all the time and it doesn’t bother them at all probably. It doesn’t seem to stop people from ordering from them.


wow - they present themselves like expert at fiverr buyers and that buyer understand, their job in expert hand. But in actual way - that job has been finished by cheap labour.:slight_smile:


I have a designer in Sri Lanka who is “cheap labor” who is amazing.


Am I the only one that thinks my $5 prices should be termed cheap labor for the quality of work I deliver? Or that most gigs on Fiverr are actually cheap labor?:thinking:


An the other term - delivering like cheap quality phone in the apple iphone box.

sorry to say - but now i am feeling, my post subject is right someway :slight_smile:


Some just have a deliverable like an ebook, which takes 5 seconds to fulfill. Why don’t you spend less time worrying about what successful sellers are doing and try emulating the things that do work. You will never turn the business world into a regulated nanny state where all good kiddies get a cookie and a participation trophy.


I don’t know if you realize this, but items like an iPhone are mostly made up of very cheap bits that are manufactured in bulk. Apple has the phone assembled with those plus a few proprietary bits. They charge a buyer many times more than they pay for the phone including assembly. That is how they make a ton of money. This practice is extremely common in all kind of product manufacture.

Some people who sell digital goods work very hard to build a team of people to do the same thing and a freelancer than owns the account makes a ton of money. There is no reason to say derogatory things about sellers who can manage a high queue. If the seller really sells crap, which some do, their statistics will eventually reflect it. It might take some time selling in bulk. Most of them deliver at least a reasonably good product and a few deliver a great one. You just have to think on a different scale instead of being so limited in your viewpoint.


I gave you an example of a TRS I came across, it might be termed cheap labour, but she delivers excellently.

Told you she has an amazing process and she also searches for quality talent that she can hire at a lower rate.

Don’t undemine the power of a team and a good working process.


I have ordered articles from a TRS before and it was poorly written. Spent about 50 dollars. The person obviously has a team but a poor team. It was incoherent and totally unreadable.

I went to their page and I saw bad reviews every now and then but they were still on 5 stars. They had loads of reviews everyday, like every 1 to 2 hours or even less sometimes.

However the TRS I worked with delivers amazingly. This shows some people are not very concerned about quality once they get loads of orders and this is something fiverr is aware about.

Although in trying to filter them out, they are hurting the great ones


You can limit the number of orders you get by going to My Gigs, clicking on each gig, and clicking this:

Using this feature allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search.
Disabling this feature returns your Gig to Fiverr’s search (approximately 15 minutes later).

I don’t bother with this feature. So far I haven’t gotten enough orders to use it. If I ever get 15 orders, I’ll manage. 50 orders? Maybe I’ll put myself on vacation or change the delivery timelines.

Either way, Fiverr is doing enough. Too many features might make the site buggy. Those of us who’ve been on Fiverr for years have seen a lot of changes. Change isn’t always a good thing.