Limit To Number Of Orders Per Day


As much as you may see this as a blessing unfortunately I often receive way too many orders in a day, so much so that I occasionally can’t handle the workload and end up being finished way too close to the delivery deadline.

It would be very useful if I could set how many orders I wanted every day e.g. a maximum of 2 orders a day and after that users could sign up to be notified the next day to order or even a waiting list system would be nice as to provide a quality service one needs time and if one is constantly swamped by orders one cannot deliver as great a service.

I would love to see this added to Fiverr!


There’s a simple solution to this… extend your deadline on all orders. :slight_smile:

If you have a longer deadline, and you assume a determined goal-oriented method of completing your gigs, you won’t have any problem completing them on time.


I agree with jonbaas–extending your delivery times so that they allow for an overflow of orders is always a good idea. Longer delivery times may also decrease the number of orders that you get overall. While many buyers are happy to wait a few days (or weeks), many will also want something immediately, and will pass your gig over, since it doesn’t offer that when you have a five or seven day delivery time.

I’m a big proponent of working plenty of “cushion” into your delivery times–but I hate even the prospect of being late and running down to the wire doesn’t bother other people.

That said, I do think it would be a nice, well, “fantasy” feature for Fiverr, to be able to tell the website how many orders (or how many multiples of your base gig), you’re able to handle a day, and once that number is hit, the deadline on your gig extends another day for all orders after that. It would be a drastic change to the set up, however, and wouldn’t be useful for a large portion of sellers.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I’m thinking they could also start with moderation by going in between automatic extensions and free-for-all orders. What if they just allowed sellers to put a limit on number of orders in 24 hours? Perhaps when you create a gig and set your delivery time, you could also have a field for max orders in 24 hours on that gig. I’m typing as I think so if there are pitfalls there, feel free to mention them!