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Limitation increase


Did anyone notice that inbox has new limitation limit. It was 1200 characters before now it is 2500. Finally they did something about it.


Yes, same with the Order conversation and the Delivery message.
Might come useful for sellers in the Writing categories. :slight_smile:


This is helping a lot, no more needed to add at end of message… Next message… or continue to next message lol


Really? Oh… I´m not sure yet if I´m glad or not, because I often hit the limit and always was torn between being annoyed and glad because it reminded me to be brief. :wink:


Seriously? My messages are just 1 line or 2 lines at the most.



This needs the boost amongst every other thing. Because it is practically the binding contract we send to customers for what CAN/CANNOT be done.

400 more character increase would do it a bit good at least!


True that, also it would be good to increase profile description too…


Btw I was wondering that what would someone write for touching the limit…