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Limitations for budget in buyer request


Hope u all r well.
As a seller I noticed that,when I make a “Buyer Request” for purchasing something,I fixed or limit my budget for “$250”
But when I get offers, many seller offer me even $15-50 .

And most of the buyer’s accept the lower price offer,when He could & wish to purchase same product for $250

This is both lost for we sellers and fiverr also.

If You noticed,In ******* [another marketplace name removed] when a buyer make a request for $250,no sellers are able to bid that project less than $225.
So,all sellers must be bid more then $225.
By doing this both ******* [another marketplace] and the seller of [another marketplace] are profitted,where the same buyer if request a project in fiverr with his same budget $250,we sellers of fiverr able to bid the same project for $5 only!!!

By doing this fiverr and we most of the seller didn’t benifitted much from Your platfrom by buyer request.

So,we hope U will make a minimum limit for bidding according to buyers budget. By doing this fiverr and seller both will be benefitted.

My question is,why buyer didn’t have to purchasing a product for $250,then why we should able to bid that project for only $5?


Mod Note: marketplace name removed.

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Fiverr is a $5 Marketplace, Peopleperhour is not
Fiverr has the biggest customer base in freelancing websites, peopleperhour comes on 6th or 7th, so don’t criticize things uselessly

I don’t criticize,carefully read again.
Where buyer don’t have any problem to expand $250,why should we bid only $5…it’s really illogical.
By doing this both fiverr nd we benefitted less by buyer request.

You should always price your skills the way you want
I have got an order of $100 from buyers request yesterday

People charge or bid very small amounts because they believe it will encourage sales. If sellers are willing to charge less than a buyer’s budget, why shouldn’t they get to?