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Limited access to buyers requests

Hi seniors

Need some suggestions

what steps should I take to get more access to buyers requests?


There is no way of circumventing the current system that is in place to get access to more buyer requests. It is impossible.

How is Fiverr going to show you more buyer requests than what Fiverr buyers are creating? You will only see buyer requests if there are buyers creating them.

Like I have already mentioned above, it might because there are actually not very many buyers creating new buyer requests, and the handful of requests that are being created are probably getting quickly inundated with innumerable responses from prospective sellers in only a matter of seconds.

It also depends on the seller level of your account. Unleveled/new sellers are only shown a small number of buyer requests. Sellers who are level 1 and above can see a large number of requests.

Here’s an article that might help shed more light:


I do understand that Fiverr has to be critical in order to sort out the requests that’s against their guidelines (again, today i saw a guy plain and straight just said he was looking for orders) but considering all the musical people here i don’t feel like there is enough buyer requests showing up.

Today i forexample asked if a vocalist or saxophone player would be interersted in playing in one of my songs. It is still pending several hours later - but i’m new here, i do have a lot to learn so maybe someone can tell my why the page isn’t flooded with reasonable buyer requests?

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Thanks for enlightening me, i just had the impression of there being more people requesting orders, and rather the site being slow but what you’ve stated makes sense. :smiley: