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Limited Buyer's Request for New Sellers?

I was demoted to new seller couple months ago and I realised I was seeing little or no buyer’s request and my sales went down. However, I have been promoted back to level one and all of a sudden I am seeing many buyers requests and sales are up. Do you think Fiverr limits requests new sellers see? If so I think it’s unfortunate and unfair because new sellers should be given equal opportunity to sell themselves and get their services out there to buyers on the platform.


Yes. Depending on your level, you receive buyer requests.


Yes, they do.

No, it is not unfair. Fiverr seeks to encourage sellers to learn how to manage and promote their services on their own. If a seller is serious about their success here on Fiverr, and they earn a promotion to Level 1, then Fiverr rewards them with the ability to make use of – and access – the Buyer Request features.

New Sellers do not deserve special treatment. All sellers have the same ability to grow their business, and become better freelancers, but all sellers must learn how to do this independently, instead of expecting Fiverr to provide them with customers, sales, and success. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make sellers successful.

If you aren’t able to access of find customers in the Buyers Request section, then you’re going to have to learn how to market and promote your services elsewhere – to the target customers that need your services.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. They want sellers to manage their own success, and take actions on their own to achieve their business goals. New Sellers are at the bottom of the seller ranks, and must work harder to prove themselves. This is 100% fair and reasonable.


Yes they do.

Here’s my take on it - I was in a similar situation to you, but I only visit buyer requests for entertainment purposes - I don’t actually apply to any of the opportunities posted there. :wink:

For what seems like an eternity, whenever new sellers (and they were new sellers, not demoted old sellers) came onto the forum, the advice given was always that they should visit BR to find the opportunities there. I agree with you that the lack of BRs available for ‘new sellers’ is quite surprising. I believe buyers were being swamped with replies from new sellers and the number who could reply has been limited, hence the reduction in what can be seen these days (please don’t ask me to find the quote for that BTW!).

So the only alternative is to find potential buyers elsewhere, which I understand is possibly easier said than done. :wink:


I don’t think what you are saying is warranted. The reason for the platform is to offer the opportunity to freelancers, so why are they then going to say that we are offering this platform but market elsewhere?

This is not about special treatment. The way it is now, new sellers are not getting the same treatment which is unfair. Other sellers are getting special treatment. The fact is the purpose of the platform is bring buyers to freelancers. So if a freelancer is not getting any buyer from the platform because of no or limited buyers request and also the freelancer can’t pitch to buyers in any other way, what would be the point for new freelancers to join the platform? Might as well freelancers operate their businesses elsewhere if you are telling them to market outside of Fiverr?


If you are going to find buyers elsewhere might as well don’t come on Fiverr to do business. Is what Fiverr is trying to do, inhibit more sellers to join the platform?

No idea - I was just trying to explain what I’d found and sympathise with you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not asking for sympathy though. I am just trying to discuss an experience. I was demoted to new seller but I had my returning customers which I have built a good relationship within just 6 months on Fiverr. I can imagine new sellers are finding it almost impossible to market their services to buyers on the platform. I am now at a satisfying position getting returning customers. When I started in October I was able to use buyers request which is why I am now doing well with my returning customers. New sellers now don’t have that opportunity that I had about 6 months ago. I just don’t understand why Fiverr wouldn’t allow them the same opportunity as others. I don’t understand how this would be special treatment as one person above states.


I agree wholeheartedly.

While it can be seen as Fiverr trying to do something to limit BR offers being swamped by new sellers, it does also smack of pulling the ladder up behind you, which I don’t think was an intended consequence.

I too was demoted from level 2 to level 1 and then ‘new seller’ through no fault of mine. I went from seeing over 1000 BR at a time to about 5 maximum, and was very surprised. Like you, I’m not sure how new sellers are supposed to get started and get to the stage of having repeat buyers now.

I also wonder how somebody who specialises in a skill or talent which isn’t marketing related is suddenly supposed to develop the skills needed to become a marketing expert overnight unless it’s by buying a marketing gig on Fiverr from another seller! :wink:


Brother sometime you change your category

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It’s because a lot of new sellers send either templates or just ridiculous offers. I’ve used it as a buyer and it was a nightmare. I will not use it again until Fiverr can come up with an effective filter.

This is why Fiverr has decided to control how many offers new sellers can send. I’m not saying it’s the best solution, but if it helps even a little I support it.

Regarding being fair, talk to the spammers who have ruined it for everyone.


Okay thanks for your perspective.

I think some of the issues were because many ‘new sellers’ were posting asking for buyers to use them.

The only feasible current response was to limit new sellers allowance to maybe 1 request a month!

This is a good step in the right direction - But it’s to general and definitely affects many new true to heart sellers.


So the advice being given out so often of ‘apply to 10 buyer requests every day’ is now null and void! :wink:

I do feel genuinely sorry for the newcomers who are looking to get their feet wet, but can’t even get on the beach, never mind reach the water.


Yeppers! That’s why I share @fonthaunt BR linkage.

Love the analogy. :smile:


Instead of making the requests shown to level 0 sellers dissapear after a certain amount of level 0 sellers have responded to it (and whatever else they’re doing, if any, to reduce the amount shown to level 0 sellers), wouldn’t it have been better to have some other way?

Maybe it could just allow the buyer to sort or filter it however they want. They could also detect the spammers (those who send the exact same offer to every request or almost the same) and either filter those or put them lower down in the list. They could also allow different amounts of offers sent to buyer requests depending on level or reduce the amount for those the system detects are spamming (sending too close to the same offer to many). The system could also (if it was needed) have it’s own way of making sure that the seller had actually fully read the buyer request that they are sending an offer to (eg. like a recaptcha but entering some text from the request).

Basically the good level 0 sellers shouldn’t be punished for what the bad sellers (eg. “spammers”) do. Level 0 sellers probably need the buyer requests the most.


New sellers need to prove themselves, it’s as simple as that. And Fiverr has chosen to limit the BRs that “New Sellers” see in order to encourage those sellers to do just that. In addition, limiting New Sellers from accessing most buyer requests helps cut down spam since, most “New Sellers” are new sellers who choose desperation and spam in order to be seen.

Yes, this is an option as well. If you don’t feel that Fiverr – with their rules and existing systems in place – is a good fit for you, you can always go create your own website, and draw in customers there instead. No one is forcing you to use Fiverr, but Fiverr is making it easier to run your freelance business using the ease of their platform hosting services.

The notion that the majority of spammers are newbies - I’m not buying it. We were all newbies at some point in time. Unless I see some cold hard stats/facts - then publicly I don’t have any qualms putting a sock in my mouth. I’ve seen established Sellers who’ve been working on this platform for years, doing what? Spamming BR with rubbish. Many new Sellers joining this platform are already established elsewhere, limiting the BR to new Sellers doesn’t make any sense. Punish the abusers/spammers but not people who genuinely want to work their hiney off. Now with the St. Level’s Day in place and demotions. Sellers were bumped down to a new Seller - some have earned their keep and paid their dues, marketing and everything to not being able to utilize BR.

There is no doubt in my mind that for the most part. People truly want to succeed on this platform, that’s why they decided to signup. Them not liking Fiverr rules isn’t the issue, they just want a fair shake is all and I can’t blame them for feeling that way. Sure, they can market - yadda, yadda, yadda but if Fiverr is offering a BR section to submit proposals then why not?!


…Gives a huge round of applause - with hopes someone can see this and say, hey, maybe there’s an alternative method of decreasing spam in the BR section…

Just a few…

  • If a seller is marked as spam 3 consecutive times, they have to wait or get disqualified from applying.
  • If a seller “wins” the order they are allowed to post more than a certain amount of bids allowed.
  • Using a friendly group of “BR” admins, or more like forum moderators who’s purpose is to regulate the buyer request section with fair yet professional game rules.
  • Fiverr charges to post, maybe not mainstream, but something of that caliber and that will limit 75% of “mistaken posts or bids”
  • Caught spamming more than once disqualifies you from the platform.

Thank you! New sellers need it the most anyway. Other sellers have mostly their returning customers and seldomly go to buyers request.

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