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Limited Customer Support


I find customer support on Fiverr to be incredibly lacking. In trying to post my first gig, I received a message that I needed a better image. So I updated my image to something that matches what most other users have and got another one of these messages.

Upon looking through the Customer Support section I found there are only two categories for contacting the Content Editors and neither of them are appropriate for asking what specifically is wrong about my image. Even if I did get an answer, there are some gigs with awful images (very low-res for example) and I don’t understand why those images are okay and mine is not.



It’s a little unspecific regarding photos to be accepted or not. Often the photos will be rejected for being used before, having words in it, or not being very specific to what your gig offers.

Resolution is often a big deal but just check to make sure your pictures are actually “pictures” and not just a image of something that resembles what you are offering. Anything with pixels showing will most likely be rejected. If your photo is very closely related, it should always be fine